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14th Nova Clash

Ten Pandora-Type Nova and a new beast arrive outside West Genetics.

The 14th Nova Clash occurred in late 2065 in Japan outside West Genetics. The clash takes place roughly a month after the 13th Nova Clash and during the events of the Exit Revenant Arc where the Legendary Pandora are incapacitated and Kazuya Aoi had been transported to the Elcarium Dimension.


The 14th Nova Clash occurs unexpectedly after Gengo Aoi places the Legendary Pandora and Arcadia Aoi in stasis to send Kazuya Aoi to an alternate dimension to learn the truth about the Nova. As the Chevalier, led by Radox Phantomheim, mobilize all of Europe and Asia's Pandora forces against West Genetics to assassinate Gengo, at least 12 Pandora-Type Nova and an Unknown-Type Nova arrive on the seas outside Japan and attack Radox's forces.

This clash is the first clash since the 10th Nova Clash not to be a direct result of human interference.

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Evolved Pandora Nova

The Pandora-Type Nova are evolving.

14th Clash Nova Army

A second Nova Army assembles since the 12th Nova Clash.

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Story ArcEdit

The 14th Nova Clash is an arc that originates in the Freezing Manga. It begins at chapter 210 occurs during the events of the Exit Revenant Arc and the Chevalier Civil War with the arrival of ten Pandora-Type Nova and an Unknown N1 Nova.

Chapter Title Volume Summary
Chapter 210 Maria Volume 31
Chapter 214 Attack of Balance Volume 32
Chapter 215 Inception Volume 32


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