6th nova clash

Pandora battling a Type-F Nova

The 6th Nova Clash took place in 2045, and saw the first military deployment of Pandora Mode. This was also the first known instance of a previously seen Nova type displaying more advanced attack. The clash took place in America.


A Type-F materialized near the Colorado River and began heading towards civilian housing. A nearby Chevalier base dispatched four platoons of Pandora to head the Nova off, one of which was commanded by First Lieutenant Margaret Lindman. Upon making contact with the hostile, the Pandora engaged. Initially the platoons held their own, using anti-Nova formations. However, the Type-F suddenly began using previously unseen attacks, such as tentacle arms and a more powerful Freezing field. Faced with such odds, Lindman ordered the use of Pandora Mode. Although now able to move within the Nova's vicinity, the mode-users were unable to land a killing blow on the Nova. The other Pandora began to lose spirit and broke ranks, fleeing in all directions. Though briefly losing heart as well, Margaret is motivated by comrade Lendy Ryan to continue fighting. Seeing an opportunity, Margaret pushes her Pandora Mode past its limit and landings a fatal blow into the Nova's core, destroying it.


Margaret survives the battle, but is too injured to continue service as a front-line soldier. She instead chooses to become an instructor in the Chevalier to train the next generation of Pandora. Pandora Mode proves a success against the Nova.

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