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The 7th Nova Clash took place in May 2053. At least one Type-F Nova appeared and Pandora were dispatched to combat it along with the first deployment of Limiters.


During the events of this battle Gengo Aoi tested his "Limiter Theory" in the form of Limiters, support soldiers, to be partnered with the Pandora. These new additions to the battlefield greatly helped the Pandora resist the Nova's Freezing fields that had been a major problem in the previous, 6th Nova Clash. With the aid of the Limiters, the Pandora successfully repelled the Nova attack.

The addition of the Limiters greatly increased the survival rate of the Pandora, and allowed them to be deployed without the time consuming training needed to harness Pandora Mode. Thus, the Limiter Theory allowed humanity to deploy more Pandora more quickly and with fewer casualties. As a result, the Limiters became a permanent part of Chevalier's arsenal.


  • Notably, this battle was the last time the Nova utilized the Type-F Nova as their primary assault force, with the aliens switching to the more advanced Type-S from that point forward.

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