"How amusing, it's like you're a bunch of monkeys. Do you see how foolish you were now?"

Aira to the Kunlun Clan members in "Rana Linchen III".

Aira, as she appears in Freezing: Zero
First Appearance Freezing: Zero Chapter 036
Personal Status
Affiliations Chevalier (formally)
Construction Company
Status Presumed Deceased
Voice Actor
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Aira was a rogue Pandora who used to be under Chevalier. She was hired as a bodyguard by the construction company who wanted to own the Kunlun Clan's village along side with her ally, Karen.


At some time, Aira used to be a Pandora working for Chevalier bet left do to unknown reasons. She was implanted with illegal Stigmata before working with the construction company.


Aira is shown to have long black hair and darker skin tone. Her clothing she wears is black leather.


Aira is cruel to the members of the Kunlun Clan showing that she doesn't care what their village is nor what rules they have. She will not hesitate to eliminate them.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Tibet ArcEdit

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Aira cut

Aira tortures a member of the Kunlun Clan

Aira is first seen along with Karen when Kunlun Clan members try to get the construction company out of their village not letting them own their land. Aira cuts the clan members down. The two rouges are soon confronted by Luna Linchen. Aira charges at her but was easily defeated by Luna after Karen got beaten by the next leader.

Aira is next seen along with Karen and other Pandora confronting Yuuta Ono and Luna when discovering that Luna was pregnant with Yuuta's child by Jong-soo who betrays Yuuta. Aira and the Pandora overwhelm Luna and defeat her.

Aira is presumed to have been killed by Luna during her Nova Form rampage while being off guard.


Aria Volt

Aira's Volt Weapon

  • Aira's unnamed Volt Weapon are a pair of bladed tonfas.




Karen is Aira's ally.


Luna LinchenEdit

Aira believed Luna was no match for her. However, she was easily defeated by Luna's overwhelming powers.


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