"Sempai... thank you for choosing me."

Albert to Marin Maxwell in "The Restrained Ingrid".

Albert, as he appears in the manga.
Kana アルバート
Romaji Arubāto
Age 15
Personal Status
Affiliations West Genetics (First-year student)
Status Deceased
Voice Actor
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Albert was a first year Limiter of West Genetics. He was the Limiter of Marin Maxwell[1].


Nothing about Albert's background has been revealed aside from the fact that he was Marin Maxwell's Limiter[2].


He has dark colored hair but his exact hair and eye color have not been revealed[3].


Albert was supportive of Marin Maxwell. Even though he knew that the chance of success was small, he did not hesitate to assist his partner in fighting a Type-S Nova[4].

Freezing: Pair Love StoriesEdit

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Albert has a cameo in Leo and Ingrid's chapter, he is Leo's roommate and is unwittingly drawn into the duo's antics when he walks in on Ingrid helping Leo bathe.


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9th Nova ClashEdit

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Albert slash

Albert gets slashed by the Nova.

During a training exercise, a Type-S Nova suddenly appeared and began attacking the first-year Limiters and Pandoras under Marin Maxwell's command[5]. Marin led the remaining Pandoras and Limiters in an effort to stop the Nova from attacking the civilians[6]. Marin ordered Albert and the other Limiters to neutralize the Nova's Freezing so that she could destroy its core while the other Pandoras were left to protect the Limiters. Albert did his best while at the same time, kept the other Limiters and Pandoras focused in their tasks[7].

But Albert was quickly killed[8]. His death begun to weaken the group's chances of winning, resulting in the deaths of some of the remaining Pandoras and Limiters, as well as lowering the morale of those left. Marin mourned for him for a brief moment, as she remembers how Albert was happy that she choose him to be her Limiter[9].



  • As a first year, Albert was able to maintain his Freezing for 30 seconds before he had to stop and set it up again[10].


  • Although short-lived, Albert was able to maintain the stability and order of the Pandora-Limiter teams under Marin's command when they were fighting the Type-S Nova[11].


Marin MaxwellEdit

Marin was the Pandora partner of Albert. He was thankful that Marin choose him to be her Limiter. Marin was deeply saddened by his death[12].


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