"Let's go Kyoichi... The next battle... Is waiting for us..."

Alex Brownings' emotional words to Kyoichi Minase in "A Looming Threat".

Alex Browning
Alex B.
Alex Browning, as he appears in the manga
Kana アレックス=ブラウニング
Romaji Arekkusu Burauningu
Age 17
Nationality British
Personal Status
Affiliations East Genetics (Third-year student)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
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Alex Browning is a third-year Limiter at East Genetics. He is the Limiter partner of Milena Marius[1].


Not much is known about Alex, apart form him being Milena Marius' Limiter[2].


Alex's exact hair and eye color are unknown. During his appearance, he is seen wearing the Limiter's uniform[3].


Alex appears as a strong-minded Limiter who will not simply give in to emotion even when losing his Pandora partner, as he will also not accept this from others. However, he is not above yelling or even physically harming others if it means getting them to focus and to help get his point across[4].

When Kyoichi was mourning for Cassie's "passing," he stated that Kyoichi should not mourn her passing and move on to continue to fight the Nova[5].


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10th Nova ClashEdit

Main article: 10th Nova Clash
Alex Kyi

Alex reminds Kyoichi to why they became Limiters

Alex first appears just after the invading Type-S Nova disappear into the sea. He calmly tells a grief-stricken Kyoichi Minase to return to East Genetics to be re-baptised with a new Pandora in accordance to the said order[6]. Kyoichi angrily responds and has no intention of being re-baptised. This prompts Alex to punch Kyoichi on the face. Alex yells at him, saying that he isn't the only "tragic hero" to have lost a partner. He then tells Kyoichi to look around and Kyoichi sees some of his comrades mourning the loss of their partners[7].

Alex consoles Kyoichi, saying that he understands how he feels since he too has lost Milena. Kyoichi asks him how he can be so calm as though nothing happened and how he can talk about baptising with a new Pandora[8]. Alex yells at him again, that it is their duty to do so and that they volunteered to become Limiters in order to help defend Mankind. He berates Kyoichi that if they (the survivors) did not continue the fight, then the deaths of Cassie and Milena would have been in vain. Alex then walks off, saying that the next battle is waiting[9].



  • Alex has the qualities of a leader as shown when he was able to keep calm during the 10th Nova Clash and when he kept Kyoichi in line so he can think properly instead of aimlessly mourning Cassie's death[10].


  • Although he has never been seen perform Freezing, it is assumed he is capable of using Freezing[11].


Milena MariusEdit

Alex is Milena Marius' Limiter and lover. Although Alex seemed calm, even uncaring, after her apparent death, Alex admits to Kyoichi that he loved Milena from the bottom of his heart and that the pain of losing her is not different the pain Kyoichi feels[12].


Kyoichi MinaseEdit

It is not clear whether Alex and Kyoichi are friends or if their relationship is simply that of a senior and an underclass-man. Kyoichi addresses him as "Alex-senpai" and has a certain level of respect for him[13].


  • Alex's first and only appearance was during his talk with Kyoichi. He has not been seen since.
  • Alex is the only known third-year Limiter. This would also make him the eldest Limiter in the entire series.


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