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Arcadia Aoi, the sole member of the Arcadia Project

The Arcadia Project (アルカディア・プロジェクト Arukadia Purojekuto) was a covert research project conceived by Gengo Aoi. The purpose of the project was to create hybrid Pandora to protect mankind from the ever looming threat of the Nova. It was an offshoot of the Pandora Project


Following the decommissioning of the Legendary Pandora and the rise of the modern-day Pandora system, Dr. Aoi sought a middle ground between the two in order to combat the Nova threat. He secretly began working on a plan to create incredibly powerful hybrid soldiers, who had access to vast amounts of soul energy, but who also lacked the instability of the Legendary Pandora. He eventually created the Arcadia Project, which entailed the birth of offspring from a Legendary Pandora and Ryuuichi Aoi, the biological children of Maria Lancelot. These offspring would presumably boast superior strength to average Pandora, as well as bodies stable enough to handle their power.


In 2049, Gengo Aoi attempted to initiate the Arcadia Project by convincing his son to participate in his plan. Ryuuichi refused, citing that participation would amount to a betrayal of his wife. After a fierce argument, Gengo eventually relented and allowed his son to do as he pleased.[1] In the following year, Ryuuichi would commit suicide, effectively preventing any further advancement of the project.[2] As a result of this, Gengo began development on the Limiter Theory. Recent events however reveal that the project produced a single individual, Arcadia Aoi,  who was kept in stasis in the Ravensbourne Nucleotide.[3]


  • The word "Arcadia" is often synonymous with an unspoiled and peaceful utopia.

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