"I'm getting all tingly. It seems worthwhile to play with you!!"

Arnett McMillan to Satellizer L. Bridget in "Punishment".

Arnett McMillan
Arnett McM.
Arnett McMillan, as she appears in the anime
Kana アーネット=マックミルラン
Romaji Ānetto Makkumiruran
Sobriquet The Slashing Trickster
Mad Dog
Elizabeth's Mad Dog
First Appearance Manga Chapter 16
Anime Episode 6
Age 17
Nationality Swiss
Height 164 cm
(5 feet 4.5 inches)
Weight 51 kg
(112 lbs)
Measurements 82-54-85
Blood Type O
Hobbies Lawn mowing, gardening
Favourite Food Sliced cheese
Weak Point Shin bone (left leg)
Personal Status
Relatives Keith McMillan (father)
Mrs. McMillan (mother, deseased)
Affiliations West Genetics
(Third-year student, #2 in class (post 11th Nova Clash)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Yū Asakawa
English Jad Saxton
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Arnett McMillan (s/n: GM436) is a third-year Pandora at West Genetics. She was formerly ranked 4th among all West Genetics third-year students but is now ranked 2nd due to the passing of Chiffon Fairchild and the temporary retirement of Elizabeth Mably.


At the beginning of the series, Arnett is the fourth-ranked strongest third-year student from Switzerland known as the Slashing Trickster (暫撃のトリックスター Zangeki no Torikkusutā). She is one of the strongest Pandora of West Genetics and is also derogatorily known as Mad Dog for her psychopathic nature in battle.

Unlike most Pandora, Arnett is a commoner. When she was younger, she lived in America with her father Keith McMillan. At some point before this time, her mother passed away. In 2062, Arnett befriended two Chevalier Pandora and was inspired to follow her dream of becoming a Pandora.


In her first years, Arnett was quite a rebel and sadist, seen cutting off Attia's fingers after their fight. As a third-year, she is strictly against those who disobey rules, and her violent attitude, though toned down, still lingers. Audrey Duval describes her as looking and acting like a psychopath when in combat or thinking of it; this led to her well-known nickname Mad Dog. Although she has leveled out mostly in terms of personality, she will slip back into a psychotic state when greatly angered.

Arnett also has little to no respect for the wealthy, whom she refers to as 'pampered little rich girls'.  Her disrespect grew immensely after her time during boot camp, where her only friend in camp, Dolly Parnell, sacrificed herself to save Arnett, while her fellow platoon members, all born from wealthy families, abandoned them to their fate. Despite that, she is only willing to stand up for the oppressed to a certain extent; she believes that they must learn how to stand up for themselves, because not standing up for themselves will only prevent them from confronting the issue. [1] However, the source of this seems to be Arnett's longing for her father, with whom she was very close to.


Arnett has long red hair, with the inner side of her temporal locks curling inward over her cheekbones. Her ponytail barely reached her back as a freshman, however now it reaches past her back. She has amber colored eyes.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Arnett McMillan ArcEdit

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Arnett and her dad 003

Arnett and her dad.

The story commences in June 2062, where a fourteen-year-old Arnett McMillan is travelling in an old pick-up truck driven by her father Keith McMillan en route for San Francisco. A song about their destination plays over the radio, which makes both the McMillan's feel nostalgic. Arnett asks if her father met her mother in the Golden Gate City, and he confirms it. He spoke of how he and his future wife met in a musical instrument shop, twenty years previously, when she was consistently sought after by other men. Arnett claimed if her mother was anything like her, it'd be natural if she was sought after. Her father vehemently disagreed, claiming it was two hundred years too soon for his daughter to compare herself to her mother. When asked how she was different, the elder McMillan replied, "from breasts to hips to everything!" As he laughed aloud, his daughter scowled darkly. "Geez," as she thought to herself, "all men are the same."

A few moments later, she was asked if she knew there was a Chevalier branch in San Francisco, their destination. She admits she'd heard of them, though she believed the Pandora's did all the work. When asked if she thought they were cool, her mood soured again. She denounced them as being "inhumane," and were controlled by a very strict organizational system. Though her father tried to defend them, and mentioned some of the benefits of being a Pandora, Arnett was hardly encouraged. She countered by claiming that only those who survived got to reap the rewards. And that even if one had stigma compatibility, few "normal" people chose to become Pandora's. In her eyes, only people in high class, aristocratic families or those who belonged to the second generation of rich families, truly desired to become Pandora's; who were wholly different from "poor people" like herself and her father.

The conversation was abruptly interrupted as the two of them saw a pair of scantily-clad women, one brunette and one blonde, by the side of the road, trying to hitch a ride. Arnett immediately denounced them as perverts, and forbade her father to pick them up. When the older man tried to point out they looked like they were in trouble, the future Slashing Trickster screamed at him, which prompted him to keep on driving. They kept on going, until they suffered a flat tire and were forced to stop. As the two women ran towards the vehicle, Arnett screamed at them to stop, explained their situation and told them not to get their hopes up. They tried pleading their case, but Arnett refused to be swayed. She asked for some identification, which they were unable to produce, yet were allowed in the back regardless, once they'd gotten dressed more appropriately.

The blonde, Cynthia, thanked them for the ride. Arnett warned her if they did anything funny, they'd be thrown onto the road. Her cohort, Kate, disagreed, and the elder McMillan tried to assure her daughter by saying they didn't look like bad people. Arnett retorted by calling him naive, and easily exploited. She reminded him that the last woman they picked up stole all his wages for the day. She also pointed that their two new passengers didn't look "normal," especially since they'd stripped down to their underwear in order to hitch a ride. She wondered if they were prostitutes, doing XXX-work. When Kate asked if she looked like she'd do such derogatory things with her beautiful body, Arnett deemed it a confession, which made Cynthia groan in response.

Later, Keith is sitting by a camp-fire, when his daughter approached and apparently gives him a cup of hot cocoa. When asked of their passengers, Arnett mentioned that they'd devoured all the food they'd paid so much money for and were currently asleep. She suggested they get the money back once they reached San Francisco, but her father disagreed, maintaining that they didn't look like bad people. Arnett admitted she wished she could've agreed, but mentioned it would've been nice if they'd cleaned their own plates, which was left to the quite disgruntled teenager.

Keith McMillan then mentioned the test results for Arnett's stigma compatibility should have been released soon. The redhead was hardly enthused, as she admitted while it might have gotten her a good life, there were serious downsides along with it. She insisted she was busy enough protecting her father. She then said she wanted to get a good night's sleep and not worry about the future, since they had to drive all day the next day.

They're next seen at a San Francisco hotel, where Kate and Cynthia thank Arnett's father for the trip. Arnett notes their good mood, and asked if they were going to hit on men. Kate snapped at her, while Cynthia said they need to find a hotel. Arnett suggested they stay at Mr. Smith's hotel, since it was right near the ocean, and had suitable facilities. The pair thanked her for the information and went on their way. As she eyed a hand-held Somsong console, her father soon rejoined her, and suggested they have dinner at Mr. Smith's place. Arnett was elated by the idea, and went off to change.

Later, at the restaurant, Arnett was working on a calculator. She showed the display to the man across the table, Mr. Smith, which showed him the payment for the next job they'd do for him. The man laughed in chagrin, and noted how different she was from her mother. When asked if they had a deal, Mr. Smith complied, which made Arnett happy.

A few moments later, a large cake was wheeled out into the restaurant by Arnett's father, which surprised the teenager. She was even more surprised when her father announced to the whole restaurant that it was for Arnett's fourteenth birthday. The younger McMillan was startled, as she'd forgotten it was her birthday. She got her first present, the very hand-held console she'd eyed earlier. Her emotions were mixed, as she noted it was very expensive. Her father then produced his second present, a plane ticket from Chevalier along with her test results. She was told she had eighty percent compatibility with stigmata, and she could have enrolled immediately at Genetics. While the patrons and her father were ecstatic, Arnett was anything but. Arnett shouted at her father and fled.

Arnett runs to the docks, heavily distraught over what had just occurred. Her father soon joined her, and profusely apologized for what he'd done but tried to justify his excitement. Arnett then admitted if she had the ability to protect others, then fighting would've been the right choice. Arnett reveals that she'd long since known about her compatibility rate and her father was shocked. Arnett explained that it was impossible for Chevalier not to tell the girl in question of her test results. And though she'd been propositioned to join Genetics, she refused. When asked why, Arnett replied it was because she'd have to leave him. She blurted out she'd rather die than sacrifice her father for her future, since she feared people would've exploited him if she weren't around. As she sadly embraced him, she muttered that she'd have definitely inherited his truck.

The next day, Arnett tells Mr. Smith she would've made the beds on the second floor, and was promised the usual pay. She starts at room 203, where Cynthia and Kate were sleeping. She knocked on the door, and got no response. She found it open, and made her way inside. She freaked when she saw the hitchhikers all but naked as they shared the same bed. Furious, she pulled on the bed sheets, which rudely awakened the pair, and accused them of being "lesbo whores."  They vehemently denied it, and claimed they'd wound up sleeping like that after they passed out drunk the previous night. Arnett still looked unconvinced, until they showed a portrait of themselves and their supposed boyfriends. Still not entirely convinced, she started to make their bed. As she did, they mentioned about her stigma compatibility rate, which they deemed as being near world-class. Arnett quickly dismissed it, and claimed she was going to take over her father's business instead. When pressed on her reasons, the younger McMillan said she disliked the "elite, chosen one feeling." She concluded by saying that if they ever had daughters that could have become Pandora's, then more power to them. But she wanted nothing to do with it.

Later, she called by her father for their next delivery job. She said goodbye to Mr. Smith, who looked oddly concerned. When Kate and Cynthia asked for a ride to the port, Arnett called them leeches and told them they'd be sitting in the back.

As the truck was en route to its destination, Arnett rode in the back with them. When asked if she wanted to have played with them, the redhead dismissed it and said she'd only done so to make sure they didn't damage their cargo. Their joviality abruptly came to an end when a gunshot came from behind, striking the wind shield. They looked behind them, and saw an unfriendly man in a sports-car. He demanded them to pull over, or else. Keith told them all to get down, as the truck was shot multiple times. Suddenly, the enemy driver produced an RPG, and aimed it at the truck with a sinister grin. Cynthia took hold of Arnett, and told them to jump from the truck, which was blown off the side of the road seconds later.

Arnett found herself near the broken guardrail, with Kate and Cynthia close by. She looked about, and was aghast as she saw her father's truck, capsized and on the edge of a cliff. Overcome with emotion, she slid down the slope to the fallen vehicle. She soon found him in the damaged cab, blood running from his mouth. He repeatedly told her to flee, but she vowed to save him. It was then that he admitted he'd taken a job for the Mafia in order to have gotten some extra money, and cursed himself for his failure as a father to Arnett. Despite that, he still wanted her to become a Pandora, in memory of him. She made a pinky promise with him, but didn't want to lose him. Suddenly, the cliff crumbled, and the truck began to plummet.

As she cried out to him, the truck's descent was strangely stopped. She looked beside her, and gaped in disbelief as she saw Kate and Cynthia holding it up. She watched in awe as they pulled it back up the cliff, and thus saved her father's life.

Later, local police, ambulances, and even the military arrive at the crash site, the truck on its side by the edge of the road. Arnett stands by her father's saviors, who are formally introduced as Cynthia Ruth and Kate Avelli, members of Chevalier USA. Arnett then apologized for insulting Pandora's without knowing the whole story. Kate took it well, and replied by saying a responsible girl like her would have made for a great Pandora. Cynthia then added that not all girls become Pandora's for fame and fortune. Kate then added that being a Pandora meant that Arnett could not only defend her father, but someone else's father as well, along with the world they live in. That revelation touched Arnett deeply, as she clearly hadn't considered the notion. As the two got into another bickering match, Arnett actually smiled at the thought of being a Pandora.

Later, at the Genetics Basic Schooling Facility, cadet Arnett McMillan is seen in the assembly hall, along with the gathered Pandora and Limiter cadets, being welcomed to the academy.

28th Class ArcEdit

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Arnett is introduced as a hostile girl who sneers at all other Pandora in her class because she assumes they are rich. During a verbal scuffle with Class A Pandora, Attia Simmons, Arnett is soon revealed to be a Class SA Pandora with 80% compatibility for 3 Stigma. However, her smugness soon abates once she learns she is outclassed by Elizabeth Mably's status as a Class SS Pandora.

One night, Arnett's roommate Creo Brand throws her some cheeseburgers from Burger Queen as a midnight snack, since Arnett did not want to eat with the other cadets. Arnett is thankful and begins eating, and Creo expresses her concern for Arnett's hostility. Creo's comments become too personal and Arnett throws her burger on the ground, telling Creo she cannot lecture her. Creo is disappointed and crawls into bed. Thinking Creo is another princess Pandora, Arnett loudly wonders if Creo hates being in a small room with her, a poor daughter of truck driver. Creo effectively silences Arnett by saying that she's used to small rooms since she grew up in an orphanage.

Arnett later practices with her Volt Weapon, the body-sized scythe, known as Scythe Machina. Her training is interrupted by a friendly classmate. However, Arnett quickly dismisses her. Outside the training facility, Attia comes to apologize to Arnett, who responds by kicking Attia in her chest. Both girls deploy their Volt Weapons, ready to fight, but they are stopped by Marin, who reminds them that personal fights between Pandora are forbidden. That night, Arnett thinks back to her training days before enrolling at Genetics, reflecting on the ways she was bullied by the rich girls in her platoon.

In a flashback, She is seen running 100 laps around the field finishing first, then Dolly Parnell in second. In third was Arield Robinson in a jumbled mess of Pandora's. Arnett is shown on good terms with her platoon commander, Merith.

She is seen in her room with her room mate Arield asking if she would want to have some of her candy, revealing that she did not always hate the rich just for being rich. She then gives some of her candy with the other members of team 3, except for Dolly Parnell, because the other Pandora did not want her there and also told Arnett she would probably say no. This is also where Arield reveals the Parnell family's past, stating that they were nothing but cowards, all due to the actions of Parnell's older sister.

Arnett is later seen protecting Dolly from the ill-intended jokes they were putting her through.

She is then seen on top of the roof washing her clothes with the other Pandora. She is then confronted by Arield where Arield basically told her that Arnett would have to either stop being nice to Dolly or consider herself out of team 3, after which Arnett tried to talk Arield into thinking that Dolly was just the same as them. Arield did not care and responded with a snide remark about Arnett's lineage, and more specifically her father. The result of this confrontation was Arnett's total alienation from the other team 3 Pandora's, but she did not seem to care. However, their childish teasing began to put the team through punishment when Arnett's shoelaces her stolen and Merith put them through an exercise as punishment for Arnett's tardiness.

One night after a few days of bullying, Arnett and Dolly are assigned the night watch, and the two have a heart-to-heart about Dolly becoming a Pandora and the incident with her sister. Arnett holds no hostility towards the girl and inspires her to be a Pandora who protects others, not just trying to clear her sister's name. Arnett's words causes Dolly to cry before putting on a genuine smile.

In the last week of training, Arnett and Dolly have become good friends and share laughs in a tent during some training, which cannot continue due to heavy rain. The girls hope to take on Genetics together, but their good time is short-lived when a landslide threatens civilians nearby. Dolly and Arnett help, though Arield and her cohorts don't want it. Arnett ignores their childishness and Dolly chides them for acting that way in an emergency. Dolly and Arnett save each others lives in a wave, but Merith is taken. Team 3 holds up a tree to change the direction of the incoming waves, but the girls except Dolly and Arnett flee. Dolly is ultimately taken by another landslide as she pushes Arnett out of the way. Arnett swims to land and screams for Dolly, but receives no response.

Later, a funeral is held for Dolly and the strong, abrasive Arnett wept for her friend, who died an excellent Pandora. After the ceremony, Arield approaches Arnett, but Arnett is disgusted by her and her pathetic sense of pride. The incident leaves Arnett hating the rich Pandoras, whom she saw as nothing but hypocrites.

After the flashback, Arnett is walking around campus, already feared by some of her classmates. She approaches Elizabeth Mably and slowly gets hostile with her, dishing sarcastic remarks. Arnett is surprised when Elizabeth denies any fear of Arnett, and Arnett wonders if that will still be true when the upcoming Carnival begins. Arnett leaves, advising that Elizabeth warn Attia Simmons to evade the Carnival.

Interlude: Those Who Make The RulesEdit

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Unlike most Pandora's, Arnett descends from a middle-class family, as shown in the side story. She seems to have had a close relationship with her father. During her first year in West Genetics, she did not get along well with most Pandora's, which stems from her rebellious attitude and hatred for the rich. As a freshman, she was ranked 2nd, with Elizabeth being the first (before Chiffon's enrollment). Their first encounter was after Arnett defeated Attia in the Carnival, with Elizabeth stepping in to separate the two. Afterwards, she was seen sitting alone at the cafeteria before being approached by Marin. Later on, she got involved in a group lynching from three unnamed second-year Pandoras, with Elizabeth coming to help her. Elizabeth gets injured in the process, and Arnett refuses to recognize her efforts until Elizabeth announces her goal to rise to the top, make her own rules, and enforce them her own way. Arnett realizes that Elizabeth is different from the other rich Pandoras through this proclamation but also warns her that she'll be watching out for any slip-ups when that day comes. With this establishment, the two become friends.

Freezing: First ChronicleEdit

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Following her first Carnival, Arnett was ranked 2nd with 950 points. As rumoured, she and Elizabeth, who was ranked 1st at the time, got along quite well and even ate lunch together. When seeing the C Class's bullying towards Ticy, she stops Elizabeth from interfering; she reveals her belief that there is no point in defending the bullied because they need to learn to stand up for themselves. Elizabeth wonders if she is speaking from experience, to which Arnett says that she always gets back at those who bully her. Later, Arnett comically complains about Elizabeth always following her around.

Their amiability extends to the Summer 2063 Carnival, in which Elizabeth joins her to fight against Miyabi Kanazuki in the A Class region. After they defeat Kanazuki, they rush to the D-13 block. Upon seeing a rampaging Chiffon dismember a defeated Shio Nonoka, she angrily attacks Chiffon. However, her slash across Chiffon's abdomen has no effect and actually leads to her Volt Weapon breaking. In response, Chiffon encloses Arnett's head in her gauntlet, questioning what fear is and if she will understand it after defeating Arnett, who is clearly in fear of her own death. She is saved by a desperate Ticy attacking Chiffon's Volt Weapon, which causes Chiffon to release Arnett due to surprise.

Following the Carnival, she comments on the existence of true monsters depressingly. The impossibility of her becoming the best in the class erases any motivation she has to do better.

Freezing: Pair Love StoriesEdit

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She's first seen with her room-mate, Creo Brand, laughing hysterically when the diminutive Pandora told her how she decked a first year in the cafeteria, citing it was "just like her." When the German Pandora defensively retorted that she was simply teaching them to respect their elders, Arnett laughs even harder. Though when Creo glared at her menacingly, cracking the back of her chair in her crushing grip, the redhead stopped laughing.

As the diminutive Pandora bemoaned her fate, Arnett asked what was the freshman she clobbered like, mentioning how he did come to her aid, despite not fully understanding the situation. She even went on to say that they might make a good match. Creo balked at the suggestion, saying he'd find someone good enough. Arnett pointed out that she and Morrison were the same way, and that she never knew where a good match might be found.

In her own personal chapter, she's with the rest of Elizabeth's clique, sitting nonchalantly in a desk while her comrades talked excitedly about the upcoming New Year Festival. Arnett asked if forcing Pandoras and Limiters together was weird to anyone, citing there was much more to a couple than that. Creo agreed with her, and planned to focus on guys with high compatibility rates, though the redhead countered that she'd need to prove she wasn't a kid first. Said redhead soon found herself on the floor, the desk beneath her destroyed by one of Creo's crushing blows. When asked of her opinion on the matter, Elizabeth Mably stated if that a Limiter understood them, then there was no reason not to pair with them. Annoyed that her leader sided with Creo, Arnett told them all to "have fun flirting" with a dismissive wave of her hand. When asked if she was coming to Elizabeth's party that night, Arnett declined, saying the event didn't interest her as she headed out of the classroom.

She's next seen walking through the academy grounds, as two freshmen spoke of her. One wanted to join with her, while the other advised otherwise, citing she was the infamous "Mad Dog." As she stretched, she pondered the issue of finding a Limiter, which to her meant they'd receive part of the Stigmata she worked so hard to obtain, and thus vowed she wouldn't hand them over so easily. At that moment, she saw a blonde Limiter at the edge of the fountain, a fishing rod in hand. The sight of him reminded of her how her Papa used to take her out fishing. She was touched by the sight, but then realized it was still a fountain. The Limiter noted he wasn't getting any bites, and wondered if he needed to go deeper. Arnett watched as he reared back with his rod, and gasped as she saw the the hook got stuck on the hem of her skirt. The would-be fisherman then cast his line, and all but completely exposed the stricken Pandora, who blushed profusely in response. When the Limiter looked back, Arnett glared at the offending party, her fists tightly clenched.Though when her brassiere came undone, the redhead snapped, vowing to kill the Limiter for what he'd wrought.

Arnett is next seen standing near the kneeling Limiter, her uniform and modesty restored, while her victim had a huge bruise on his cheek and a large lump on his head. When the Limiter proclaimed he heard the best way to find a partner was to offer a fish from the fountain, the Slashing Trickster snapped at him for believing such a tall tale. The freshman apologized profusely, saying that he "always messed everything up." When Arnett heard him say he only got in because of his high compatibility rate, and probably wouldn't last a month with all the rich and smart students on campus, Arnett sternly rebuked him for being so negative, telling him to have more confidence in himself. She took a moment to fix all the flaws in his uniform, telling him he had to start looking good if he didn't want people making fun of him. She asked for his name, and the Limiter introduced himself as Morrison Abebe. Arnett then said that while there were many rich and smart second-year Pandoras on campus, almost all of them were weaker then her, a mere commoner, so he could excel as well. She then commanded him to stop whining and have more confidence in himself, and Morrison agreed without hesitation. Pleased by his response, she winked at the freshman and then walked away.

Later that night, she's in her room with Creo, having just taken a shower. And while she still disliked the idea of the festival, the fact that it let them get out of training for a night was a plus in her book. Her roommate said Elizabeth asked if she was going to the party, and even had a dress prepared for her. Arnett vehemently protested, wondering why her team leader had bothered. Creo merely replied it was because she was a stickler for preparation. When the diminutive Pandora asked if her roommate was not going to find a Limiter, the redhead confirmed it, saying a Limiter "barely helps anyway." Though she conceded that she'd never thought about guys and love, it was easier before when all she had to do was give it her all, she'd never thought of pairing up with guys, for it was all too confusing to her. When her roommate commented that sounded awfully "girly" for a Mad Dog like her, Arnett retorted that she was indeed a cute sixteen-year-old girl. Though things nearly got ugly when Creo challenged her to try on a dress. The German Pandora when changed the subject, asking of the Limiter who wanted to pair with her in the previous year. After a moment, she remembered the freshman in question, though not his name, but denounced him as a "total loser," claiming the only reason he sought her sought was because none of the other upperclassmen wanted him. She recalled "taking him out for a little fun," with a sadistic grin on her face. Creo noted that she was picky for someone who didn't care about love, but the redhead denied it, though she added she was picky about height. She's promptly sent into the wall by one of Creo's thundering punches, as the junior stated that finding a Limiter was more than about feelings, it was an important part of protecting mankind. She said there was no need to drag love into it, but it wouldn't hurt to have a partner who truly understood them. Arnett conceded the fact, but the thought of sharing all five senses with someone she barely knew, still didn't sit well with her. Creo noted that her roommate was indeed a girl.

Arnett is next seen in the girls' locker room, as many of her classmates made derogatory statements about their training instructor, citing she "probably didn't have a partner while she was on active duty." When Arnett reminded them of Elizabeth's party, they raced into the shower as one. Once they're done, she herself showers in peace.

Afterwards, she's getting a refreshment from the concession stand, when she hears voices from behind her. Once she reaches the commotion, she sees the same freshman from before, trapped in an open locker by several Pandoras. When Morrison begged for mercy, the girls deliberated on whether to hand him over to the school. An aggravated Arnett proclaimed that was too good for him, as she menacingly approached the kneeling Limiter. She vowed to handle the matter personally, so the offending party "would never even think about doing something so stupid again."

Arnett brings Morrison out into the woods, examining the camera he used to take voyeur pictures of the Pandoras. She pinched his cheek hard, rebuking him for lack of subtlety. The freshman countered that he heard it was alright to break the rules a little during Festival time, though Arnett didn't consider taking nude photos a small infraction. The Limiter added that an older student told him if he took a picture of her from Locker 13, she'd fall in love with him. Morrison actually broke down into tears, proclaiming that while he knew it sounded weird, he wanted a partner that badly. Arnett was surprised anyone was crazy enough to enact such a deed. When she asked the freshman whom he wanted as a partner, he initially refused to answer, which actually impressed the Slashing Trickster. She decided not to pry any further, and handed him back his camera, suggesting he delete all the photos. The redhead concluded by saying if he really liked someone, he'd get nowhere with the stunts he just pulled, which brought the Limiter to tears yet again, much to her irritation. Arnett finally conceded to train him until he became confident enough to ask the girl he liked out. Morrison wailed in agreement, which actually scared Arnett for a moment, but it told her how much he liked the Pandora he sought so badly.

Over the next three weeks, Arnett diligently trained the blonde Limiter to become "a bit more manly," in her book, although the redhead was appalled to learn her temporary protégé had failed all his tests. Morrison apologized profusely, saying he wasn't very smart. But the redhead would have none of it, citing he should at least put some effort into it, regardless if he failed. When Morrison said the classes were too hard, Arnett vowed to use her "secret weapon."

Said weapon was soon revealed to be moving Morrison into her dorm room for a few days, without informing Creo of course. She proclaimed he'd study his rear end off so he could pass his make-up exams. When Creo asked why, Arnett claimed it was her only option, since she couldn't stay in the boys' dorm. As the redhead vowed to not let Morrison sleep until he was done with his studying, Creo decided to room elsewhere.

Back in Arnett's room, the redhead whacked her protégé with a ruler for getting an answer wrong, saying he should've memorized the formula at that point. When she asked of the girl Morrison liked, he said they'd been talking a bit recently, which she took as a sign that her training had been paying off after all. She asked whom he liked so much, saying it was the least he could do to thank her. Morrison again refused, but promised to tell her when he was about to ask her out. Arnett vowed to hold him to his word. Then the Limiter thanked her, for he proclaimed that without her guidance, he'd have been thrown out by that point. And thanks to her, he wouldn't have to worry about his mother's medical bills, which stunned the second year. Once she heard that he joined Genetics to help his ailing mother, she realized how much he loved her. He confirmed it, saying she was the woman he loved the most in the whole world. Arnett felt a bit shocked at that, though she knew he hadn't said it of her specifically. After giving him a noogie for his "Oedipus complex," she promptly passed out.

She's next seen eavesdropping on the classmate she spurned the year before, Rusty Squall. When he proclaimed about how he told Morrison the rumour about the girls' locker, she decided the time had come to confront him. When Rusty countered that she was acting like his wife, since she seemed to like "losers like him," several Pandoras overheard him, much to Arnett's chagrin. The redhead declared she was simply training him, and there was nothing special between her and Morrison. Then the dark-haired Limiter mentioned someone behind her. Arnett looked back, and saw it was none other than Morrison, who left the scene in sadness.

Rusty boasted how she'd done a good deed, and that she should be thanking him. The redhead retaliated by knocking the arrogant second year to the floor. Arnett shouted that the reason she turned him down was because she hated cowards like him who thought he was better than everyone else. She added that she knew he'd found a third year for a partner, and felt sorry for her having such a "scumbag" by her side.

Arnett ran outside the academy building, desperately seeking Morrison. Instead, she found a dark-haired third year Pandora, who viciously slapped her for "bullying" a Limiter, who turned out to be her partner, Rusty Squall. She then dared her to try it in her presence. Arnett was shocked, claiming she had no idea Rusty would sink so low as to hide behind a girl, and added he was even more worthless than she originally believed. The bespectacled Pandora viciously assaulted her, and then summoned her katana of a Volt Weapon, vowing to make her pay for "hurting her partner for no good reason."

Suddenly, Morrison ran onto the scene, begging the third year to stop. He blamed himself for taking Rusty's "joke" about taking pictures from the girls' locker too seriously. The Pandora asked why he interfered, and if he was Arnett's partner. The blonde Limiter denied it, but proclaimed that he loved her as much as he did his mother, which left everyone speechless, including Arnett herself. Suddenly, the redhead began laughing hysterically, amazed that he'd make such a statement after "saving" her. He watched as the dark-haired Pandora threatened that her partner better come clean, or else, as both left the scene.

She's next seen at the Spring Festival, finding Morrison in the corner. She then asked if she looked weird in her dress. The blonde Limiter denied it, saying he'd never met anyone prettier than his mother, which the Slashing Trickster found rather bemusing. Morrison apologized for being such "an idiot," but Arnett said it was a sign, that he'd need a good Pandora partner, to help him with such matters. In other words, she wanted him to be her Limiter. And that for their first synchro, they were to dance a song together. Morrison quickly agreed, provided that she doesn't get mad at him for stepping all over her feet. He then showed her a picture of his mother, and Arnett was amazed at "how hot she was".


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3rd Year Punishment ArcEdit

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Arnett appears as a silhouette, shocked at the news from Attia of Ingrid's defeat by Satellizer and Kazuya.

Rana Introductory ArcEdit

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Arnett and Creo watched the mock battle between Rana and Ganessa from the open window.

3rd Year Retaliation ArcEdit

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When Rana Linchen and Satellizer end their battle due to Kazuya's interruption, Arnett along with Creo and Attia appear. Attia introduces Arnett and Creo after explaining to Rana that she lied to her in order to punish Satellizer for challenging her seniors. Attia then allows Satellizer to choose her next opponent: Arnett or Creo, but Satellizer challenges both of them. Rana intervenes saying she will join the fight, siding with Satellizer. Kazuya tries to stop the girls from fighting but Arnett knocks him out from behind not to have him interfere.

Arnett battles Satellizer as she deploys her Volt Weapon, "Scythe Machina". Arnett easily beats down Satellizer with her more upper Accel skills and finishes her by slicing Satellizer's throat. Creo also defeats Rana.

When Satellizer refuses to admit defeat, Attia shouts at Arnett and Creo to rip out and destroy her Stigmata, which would result in Satellizer being unable to continue being a Pandora, even if she were to attain new Stigma. Arnett and her ally, however, are uneasy about the order, as it is inhumane and would come at a severe punishment.

After Attia's rant about the established hierarchy, Satellizer rises and attacks Arnett with Creo and Attia in complete shock. In mere moments, Satellizer engages her "Wings of Light" for the first time as well as deploying a Triple Accel, which defeats Arnett in one go. Rana also engages her "Wings of Light" and defeats Creo.

Arnett and Creo refuse to admit defeat. Arnett declares a death match, second round, and the four combatants deploy their Volt Weapons before the interruption of president Chiffon Fairchild and vice-president Ticy Phenyl. Arnett urges to keep fighting Satellizer and Rana, but Ticy repels her with an Accel and her Zanbato Volt Weapon. When Arnett attacks Ticy, Chiffon steps in personally and knocks out the red-haired Pandora after deploying her Illusion Turn. When Chiffon asks if Creo or Attia will pursue this matter, the two girls step down, and Arnett is taken by Creo to the recovery center with Attia. 

10th Nova ClashEdit

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Arnett is first seen, being smashed through the wall outside Satellizer, Kazuya, Ganessa Roland, and Arthur Crypton's post. Her opponent was none other than the Godspeed of the East, Cassie Lockheart, who'd been subverted by the Novas. Arnett summoned Scythe Machina, and sliced off Cassie's arm, which freed her from her opponent's merciless grasp. She then leaped away and shielded the others, and mocked her opponent for underestimating her. But her elation was short-lived, as Cassie quickly regenerated her lost arm.

Nova Form Cassie and Nova Form Milena Marius then charged at them, with Double Accel. Arnett ordered the second years to focus on one opponent and protect their Limiters, so they wouldn't have been targeted. But when she saw the dumbfounded look on Ganessa's face, she began to fear the top-ranked sophomore possessed no High End Skills. The sophomore tried to sound confident, and attacked regardless. Though both of her opponents dodged her, and Milena slipped in behind and prepared to deliver a fatal blow. Fortunately, Arnett moved in and took the blow instead. With a grave look, she knew Ganessa was in over her head. She and her Limiter, Morrison, quickly activated their Ereinbar Set, as did Ganessa and Arthur.

Unfortunately, their efforts soon proved meaningless, as all four were shown on the floor, unconscious at Milena's hands. Arnett never got to see how the battle ended.

Interlude: Dinner PartyEdit

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Arnett first appeared when Satellizer had gotten separated from Kazuya and Rana. Arnett, Elizabeth, and Attia came to offer their hospitality, along with the best liquor. Arnett wanted to have personally thanked Satellizer for saving her life, and promised not to touch her body while in her company. They sat down at a table, and Satellizer was poured a glass of Mably wine. Arnett warned her it was pretty strong. After one glass, the Slashing Trickster laughed at how her face had become red. She warned her against a second shot, though L. Bridget imbibed it regardless. She then watched as Satellizer challenged Elizabeth to have a drink, and called her "grandma" on top of it.

A drinking contest soon ensued, and Arnett couldn't have guessed who would've won. Attia tried to knock out Satellizer with a bottle of ninety percent cocktail, but Rana intercepted it and imbibed it instead, and threw up as a result. Later, as a clearly inebriated Rana noted how Elizabeth was younger than her, Arnett chuckled at her weak constitution towards liquor.

Interlude: Forget that; Let's Play Soccer!Edit

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Arnett is seen walking on campus with Elizabeth and Creo, Elizabeth notices that the underclassmen seem to be avoiding them. Arnett denies the situation and invites some juniors over for a drink, they turn down the offer saying they have other things to tend to however they immediately accept the offer to drink tea with Chiffon and Ticy.

When brought back to the club room Arnett, Creo, Attia, and Ingrid are all standing in silence as Elizabeth rambles on about the junior's opinion of them. While both Arnett and Attia ponder on how Elizabeth is scary and oblivious, Creo proposes that they invite the juniors to play soccer so they can both mingle and show off High End Skills

When the game commences Arnett is appointed leader of Team Red which includes Rana, Attia, Ganessa, Ingrid, Trish McKenzie, Agatha Shones, Shishidou Miho, Matsumoto Shizuka, Michele Veizar, and Naiya Chiharu. When the whistle blows everything starts off quite well despite the animosity between Elizabeth and Satellizer. Satellizer is very good at soccer, but Ganessa rams her earning her a yellow card. During the commotion Arnett mocks Ganessa for being both British and not knowing how to play soccer. Later when the game turns into a garment brawl Arnett, Ingrid, Creo, and Attia can be seen at the end questioning what just happened to their plan of having fun with other students.

Student Presidency Duel ArcEdit

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Arnett wants to bash Ticy's face


Arnett's Triple Accel is repelled in a single strike.

Arnett is gathered with Creo Brand, Attia Simmons, and Ingrid Bernstein, and just found out that Elizabeth Mably wouldn't have returned. Enraged, she punches a desk, which is split in two. Creo tries to console her, but to no avail. She's specifically enraged that only Attia was personally informed of Elizabeth's decision. Attia calmly reminds them of the more important matter: the death of Chiffon Fairchild. And though it wasn't uncommon for leaders to die in battle, the troops would've fallen into disarray without one. Arnett wondered if they should have picked up where Chiffon left off, but Attia told everyone they were to continue where Elizabeth left off instead, and revealed the only one could have continued her legacy, was Arnett. Naturally the Slashing Trickster refused, until Attia pointed out if she didn't vie for the vacant office, it would've gone to the previous Vice-President, Ticy Phenyl. Repulsed by the idea, Arnett finally agreed, but claimed it was only for herself, and not for Elizabeth, who she felt abandoned them.

In the next chapter, Arnett listens to Attia explaining the two ways to have decided the new President: either through a popular vote, which was how Chiffon was elected, or through combat. Arnett proclaimed if she chose the combat route, Ticy might have withdrawn. And then Creo barged in with breaking news: Ticy had declared her candidacy, and it would've been resolved through combat, which threw the third years for a loop, along with everyone else.

Arnett is next seen by the pool, looking quite ravishing in her two-piece swimsuit. They discuss the development, and she notes they shouldn't have been worried. She gets aggravated when she suggests they felt she wouldn't have won a popular election. But then she relishes the thought of crushing Ticy in the upcoming battle.

She's next seen in the stadium locker room, focusing on the upcoming battle. Her friends commented that her Accel was superior to Ticy's, who focused on offensive and defensive strength. She welcomed their encouragement, but vowed to destroy Ticy in her own way. She then stepped out into the arena, and was shocked when she saw Ticy's new look, which resembled that of Chiffon Fairchild. Arnett wasn't amused, and became even more determined to crush her long-time rival. She charged in with a never-before-seen No Interval Triple Accel, but she was repelled as Ticy sliced her weapon in two. Flustered but not too surprised, she leaped back to regroup. She then charged in with a Accel/Tempest Turn style attack, which surprised the crowd yet again. Yet Ticy evaded it with her never-before-seen Illusion Turn. She then slashed Arnett across the back, who then fell in defeat.

Arnett is next seen in the infirmary, her body and pride badly bruised. She felt ashamed, and apologized to her team-mates for her humiliating defeat. Attia tried to remind her that they had to continue Elizabeth's will regardless, but the Swiss girl would have none of it. She cursed her own weakness, and felt she couldn't have even gotten angry at Elizabeth at that juncture. Though Attia refuted her, and pointed out Elizabeth would've never wallowed in self-pity. She would've observed the new President, and proclaimed they needed to do the same, as Team Arnett. The Slashing Trickster asked when they'd thought up the name.

Once she recovered, she asked for Ticy's whereabouts. She tracked her down to the Culture Center, where she saw her watching old home movies of Chiffon. She listened to her rival, who acted more like her usual self when alone.

They meet again some time later, and Arnett admits her shock, wondering how long Ticy had hidden her full strength. As she walks past, she warns the new President she will watch her carefully, as Elizabeth would've done before her. Ticy states that she is fine with that, echoing Elizabeth's response when Arnett informed her of the same thing in their first year, and the acceptance of this statuesque brings the 1st season of Freezing to an end.

Valkyrie Introduction ArcEdit

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Arnett and Charles

Arnett and Charles clash

Satellizer L. Bridget receives a knock on her door late at night. Expecting it to be Kazuya, she opens it without hesitation. She's quite shocked to see her former nemesis, Arnett McMillan instead. The third year was begrudgingly let inside, and she made her proposal: she asked for Satellizer's enlistment in Team Arnett. The "Slashing Trickster" explained that their role while under Elizabeth's leadership, was to act as a counter-balance to the more lenient leadership of Chiffon. And since they didn't know how Ticy would lead, Arnett felt both of them would've benefited from Satellizer's assistance. Even though Satella was technically a sophomore, she was the same age grade as Arnett and her companions, so it could be overlooked. Satellizer politely declined, and said she was certain Elizabeth would make her return, and had she done so, with Satellizer on her side, it would've been a sign that they weren't the same people she knew when she left. Though somewhat dejected, Arnett let it slide and wished to become Satellizer's friend instead, and her request was granted. It ended when Satellizer asked her how to seduce Limiters, which she saw as a sign that she hadn't been baptised with Kazuya. Arnett felt sorry for her former nemesis.

Later, she and the rest of Team Arnett were at the stadium for the Valkyrie demonstration. The announcer told everyone to look towards the sky. Once she did, she saw five young masked women, descending from an airborne plane without a parachute. She watched as four wings appeared by their sides, which slowed their descent. Suddenly, the Type-S Nova replicate was released form it's lock, and emitted a fierce wind current. Arnett feared they would've been blown away, yet was astonished as she saw their trajectory hadn't been altered. She began to suspect their wings actually manipulated gravity, at least their own.

The five strangers landed, and the Type-S responded by powering up a Particle Cannon. Arnett was terrified, shocked that the newly acquired Nova ability had been replicated for the demonstration. She watched as the pig-tailed woman summoned her Plasma Weapon, the legendary Anti-Nova type, and blocked the oncoming attack. The other woman attacked, and Arnett was shocked again that one of them had an SSS-style weapon, one that acted independently of its master.

As the fight continued, Creo admitted her awe that the five of them could have countered a Nova. Though when a chagrined Attia proclaimed they were just ordinary people, Arnett disagreed. She said that though they had no stigma compatibility, they were still special people. She imagined they'd undergone vigorous training in order to have acquired their skills. something ordinary people couldn't have endured. And yet, she noted while they'd acted well as Decoys and Strikers, they still lacked the most important role of any Pandora-style fighting unit: "the Finisher". So in Arnett's eyes, they were still inferior to true Pandora's.

However, she was soon to eat her words, as the only Valkyrie that hadn't yet attacked unsheathed her weapon. She then charged forth with blinding speed, and felled the fake otherworldly menace with but a single blow, much to Arnett's shock and disbelief.

She's next seen at the Team Arnett meeting, where Attia and Creo are up in arms about the preferential treatment Platoon 13 was getting. According to them, more students were becoming dissatisfied with the arrangement every day. When pressed, Arnett wondered if the dissatisfaction would have led to a student rebellion against the faculty. Attia was incensed, as she proclaimed the Valkyries didn't even acknowledge them, who were essentially their upperclassmen. Arnett silently disagreed, as she recalled the eldest of the quintet, Tiziana Ferrari, did say "hi" to her. When Attia said the situation would've made even Satellizer and her cohorts look down on them, Arnett quickly refuted her. Though the Manipulative Schemer was hardly assured, as she felt Satellizer looked down on them because she knew Elizabeth wasn't around any longer. She tried to apologize, but Arnett waved it off, saying she knew she wasn't as good as former "Academy Reigning Enforcer" in many areas. Still, she didn't want to have acted rashly, as she did in her earlier years. So she vowed to stop being the Mad Dog and be herself during the tough times, and told her team mates to be more tolerant of the Valkyries. As she made her way out of the room, she asked if any of them wanted to buy bread.

Later that night, she's playing a console game with her Limiter, Morrison, when Creo and Ingrid barged in with urgent news: Attia had gotten into a fight with world class Pandora Charles Bonaparte, and had been savagely beaten. They all immediately head to the infirmary, where Mark relayed the graphic news. As her comrades declared their ire and vowed vengeance, Arnett looked through the window into the hospital room, where a comatose Attia laid. "Who could let it go at just that", she thought to herself, as her own rage seethed within her.

The next day, she's gathered with the rest of team, as she sits on the window sill, her face hidden from view as she looks outside. Creo mentions the one who'd brutalized Attia was incarcerated for two days, with a final punishment decided in the meantime. When the German Pandora decried she couldn't ignore it any longer, Arnett told her to stop. And that regardless of whether they could have accepted the punishment or not, the first thing they had to do was wait (Arnett mentioned Charles didn't get as much as a single crumb of food nor a drop of water; this was the perfect ingredient to launch a surprise attack on the halfling).

After Charles was released from confinement, Arnett appears after Creo and Ingrid engaged world class Pandora, Roxanne Elipton and Cassie Lockheart, respectively. When Roxanne tries to calm her, Arnett jabs her with the end of her Volt Weapon then proceeds to use her increased Accel abilities to attack and surprise Cassie. She accelerates to Charles and towers over her, wondering how long she'll be confined for obliterating the French Pandora. Charles releases her Volt Weapon and the two ensue a heated battle. During the fight Arnett demonstrates she'd clearly grown as a Pandora, able to clash evenly with the world class Pandora and put Charles on the defensive after striking down the clones with her astounding speed. Charles and her clash once more, pushing each other back, and the petite Pandora engages her Moonlight Sonata attack, the attack used to kill Gina Papleton during the Alaska Base incident. Before the situation could heat once more, Satellizer steps in between them.

A livid Arnett orders her underclassman to stand down, but she refused. The blonde Pandora cited the situation would've gotten out of control, and it hadn't been long since Attia was injured, which surprised the Slashing trickster. She then asked even though she knew, was she still going to stop her. She proclaimed how Attia knew she had no chance against Charles, a world class Pandora, yet she fought regardless. And despite how badly she'd been maimed, her opponent only got forty-hours of solitary confinement, and found it unacceptable. "If Genetics cannot punish her," Arnett declared, "then I will give out that punishment with my own hands! I want her to feel the terror of West Genetics in every pore!"

Charles then mocked her, asking if she felt capable of such a feat, since she was the same as Attia. Arnett then gave Satellizer one last warning, and pointed Scythe Machine at her throat, otherwise she'd get it first. Charles then mocked her "saviour," saying she never believed her in the first place. She then challenged all of Team Arnett, saying she'd kill the lot of them, regardless of their numbers. The "Slashing Trickster" decided she'd had enough, and circumvented Satellizer with her Accel/Tempest Turn hybrid manoeuvre. But before she could have reached Charles, Satellizer used her own Accel to tail her. She tried to shake the "Untouchable Queen", but was quickly restrained. She managed to break free, but then got cheap-shotted by her opponent. She was knocked back, but caught herself and retained her footing. She manifested her scythe once again, and vowed to kill her opponent. As she and Charles were about to clash again, she felt herself forcefully repelled, and sent to the ground.

Arnett got to one knee, and held her throbbing face. She looked ahead, and saw a familiar figure before her, that of her long-time rival, Ticy Phenyl. She got to her feet, and berated the Student Council President for interfering with her yet again, claiming that Team 13 had started the scuffle. "I know," her rival stated simply, "that's why I came to stop it. Some people like to bluff in order to hide their weaknesses. You don't need to stoop to her level." Arnett was actually shocked that Ticy had spoken better of her than her opponent, a world class Pandora. When Charles protested, Ticy warned her to be silent, and added that if there were any future incidents, she'd be the one to punish them. Arnett silently seethed, livid at being denied her vengeance against the Young Tempest Phoenix. Satellizer tried calling out to her, but she simply slapped her hand away. "I am disappointed in you," she said to the Untouchable Queen as she led her group away.

12th Nova ClashEdit

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Arnett and Charles Rematch

Arnett and Charles Round 2

Arnett's Courage

Arnett gives everything she has

Nova Chooses Arnett

The Nova Commander cuts down Arnett.

She's next seen in the West Genetics stadium, with her team-mates and their respective Limiters behind her, with the exception of Attia Simmons. She listens as Sister Margaret announces the upcoming joint exercise, designed to simulate the 11th Nova Clash. Arnett was chosen as the leader of Platoon Two, which would've fought against three others as well as Platoon 13. Their opponents, six Type-S Nova simulacrum, designed just for the exercise.

She's next seen ordering the decoys into action, as the joint exercise had officially begun. The replicate lashed out with its tentacles, and the Limiters deployed their Freezing fields simultaneously.  As the fight raged on, Arnett sneered at Platoon 13 as she deemed them "a bunch of self-righteous people who looked down on others." She reared back with her Volt Weapon as she prepared to attack, and vowed that her team would've taken first place and proven that Platoon 13 was all reputation and no skill. But as the fight raged on, their opponent suddenly deactivated. Though a few moments later, it started to resonate, as strange bands of light appeared in the air, which formed the infinity symbol.

Arnett's next seen staggering towards Roxanne Elipton and Charles Bonaparte, whom she believes are just illusions.

Arnett is then shown having regressed into Nova Form, and attacked the world ranked Pandora with a vengeance. She then used her speed, which had drastically increased in her new form, and surprised Charles by cutting off her right arm. Arnett then moved to attack Roxanne, but the "Young Tempest Phoenix" intercepted with her remaining hand and Vibrato Hell deployed. Charles then launched a Typhon Tempest, which Arnett matched with her improved Accel. The battle raged on at a stalemate; Charles had one less arm and couldn't have increased the synchrony with her stigmata, or else she'd have succumbed to the smoke. Seeing the situation was hopeless, Roxanne interfered and decided to combat the spellbound Pandora herself. The Immortal donned her Anti-Nova and combated Arnett.

Arnett attacked with an Accel-Tempest, but Roxanne saw through the attack and caught her Scythe Machina. Roxanne mentioned that she was holding back at only one fifth of her full power, so she wouldn't have succumbed to the black smoke like Arnett. And at only that small amount of power, Roxanne crushed Arnett's Volt Weapon with the Fairchild Buster

The rest of the match went unseen, but Arnett was later shown defeated and slung over Roxanne's shoulder, with the Immortal not having taken a single amount of damage. 

While comatose, she saw an image of her father, during her youth. She next saw her last opponent, who promised she'd entrust Charles to her. The American Pandora went on to say that while her teammate had a sharp tongue, she was still a nice person. Arnett overcame her corrosion and regained consciousness. Once she did she saw the diminutive Pandora, bravely fighting against a horde of enemies she'd never seen before. The monstrous foes targeted Arnett, but Charles intercepted them. Unfortunately, she found herself trapped in the monstrous creature's jaws. Arnett wanted to fight against them, but the Young Tempest Phoenix told her to forget her and told her team to escape while she had the chance. As she lost her other arm, Charles told her that if she survived, she wanted her to tell Attia Simmons she was sorry about maiming her.

However, Arnett had other ideas, and summoned Scythe Machina to have combated her inhuman foes. As she whacked them mercilessly, she proclaimed if Charles felt sorry for her actions, that she should have apologized to Attia personally. Unfortunately, her weapon soon proved useless against the inhuman beasts, as the blade cracked and finally shattered. One of the monsters bit into her right arm, and she heard Charles tell her how to have escaped. Yet despite her advice, the Slashing Trickster found her body wouldn't have moved. Though before she lost her arm, along with anything else, her captor's head suddenly exploded.

Arnett is revealed to have been saved by Rana Linchen, accompanied by Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi. She and Charles watch as the two transcended Pandora destroy the four saurian Nova on site, but Charles cuts the reunion short, when she says then must help Roxanne.

The girls and Kazuya rush to Roxanne's site with Satellizer attempting to explain her new powers. When they all arrive, they witness Roxanne brutally and completely defeated by the Nova Commander. She is quickly turned into the Nova's slave and the transcended Pandora attacks them. Arnett and Rana move to fight Roxanne, and Arnett is unable to match Roxanne's power, but Rana is more than capable. Arnett then watches as Rana pummels Roxanne over and over until Charles' pleases bring the Immortal back to her senses. Roxanne leaves the girls with kind, parting words of encouragement before her self-annihilation, done to break the Nova's control over her.

Arnett watched as Rana and Satellizer attacked the Nova Commander, fuelled by rage and vengeance, but the Nova used the Illusion Turn to completely evade them. Satellizer was then felled with a single attack. Rana fought on, but the immobile Nova blocked all of her attacks and counter-attacked from seemingly all directions. Charles attacked next, but got hung upside down by her ankle and was about to be forcibly Novalized, like Roxanne before her. Arnett tried to make the save, but again her weapon broke on her opponent's superior defences. Rana frees Charles, having used Arnett as a distraction. The two girls then attack the Nova repeatedly, but their attacks are reflected or their weapons are shattered. Suddenly, they notice longs wings of light and a strong wind force having decapitated the Nova Commander. They notice it was Satellizer who has accelerated to new heights, and her new speed gave her the power to defeat the Nova. However, Satella cannot control her power and crashes on the ground, once again out of commission.

Arnett and Rana rush to their comrade, but they realize their victory is short-lived, as the Nova grows a new head, its true head with a face of a beautiful woman with eyes like Chiffon's when open. The Nova Commander examined the five combatants and realized only two of them could still fight, Rana and Arnett. The Slashing Trickster took a blast to the gut, which dropped her to the ground, all but lifeless from the Nova's overwhelming power.

All seemed lost for Arnett and friends, until she felt her mortal injuries healed for some strange reason. She got to her feet, and saw the reason was a cheerful pink-haired stranger with an oversize war-hammer. She then watched as the newcomer took a blast from the commander at point blank range, and was all but un-fazed. Arnett was even more shocked when the pink-ette rent her enemy asunder with but a single blow.

After the Nova Commander fell in defeat, two more strange women appeared, along with a visibly different Lucy Renault, whom Arnett originally believed was a Valkyrie. She watched as the blonde stranger embraced Kazuya, and glared at Satellizer and Rana when they protested. Soon two more arrived on the scene, Gengo Aoi and Su-Na Lee.

Busters ArcEdit

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Arnett attacks Petty

Arnett leads the attack against the Busters.

Her first appearance in the arc is when Team Elizabeth is reunited once more. Though unlike Creo and Ingrid, the Mad Dog is anything but elated at Elizabeth's return. When the Academy's Reigning Enforcer tried to explain her actions, Arnett interrupted her with a vicious slap to the face. She then went on a verbal and physical tirade, striking her mercilessly as she lambasted Elizabeth for what her absence had done to the team. She knocked her classmate to the ground, and then straddled her waist. When the Academy's Reigning Enforcer commented it was first time she'd been hurt so badly by being hit, Arnett confirmed it. "When I hit someone, I do it like I mean it." She then helped Elizabeth to her feet, and tearfully embraced her, glad nonetheless that her leader had returned.

She is later seen in a room with team Arnett and Elizabeth; with Ticy saying she wants Elizabeth to become president. After Elizabeth declined and made a speech about their current situation they all smiled, whilst Arnett thought to herself: "she might not be president but she sure does make a good one."

Arnett is later seen with Elizabeth, with Elizabeth stating that the dress she was wearing didn't strain her Stigmata. To which Arnett replies saying "They are new Volt Textures," and that it was given to them do to the fact that they left their clothes at West Genetics. Arnett is then seen with Elizabeth, Roxanne, Ticy, and Rana greeting Amelia. Amelia then calls Ticy and Arnett by name implying that she knows them, but it was later revealed that she knew them by name, because of their late friend Chiffon Fairchild being connected with her, in Amelia's brief time as a Nova. Amelia proceeds to tell them that Chiffon left some dying words for them, for Arnett it was " Be careful not to let your kindness get you into trouble."

She's next seen seated across from Rana and Satellizer, as they enjoyed drinks together. The Untouchable Queen had just told her of her romantic issues with Kazuya, which made Arnett furious, as she never thought he was "that kind of guy." She asked her underclassman what happened between them, and the despondent Pandora weakly replied that she might have done something to upset him without realizing it, so she thought she needed time to think it over before she spoke to him again. "What?!" Arnett exploded as she sent three ice cubes from her cup into her mouth. "Why are you taking this crap from him?!  You're older than he is! Quit letting him walk all over you!" Satellizer shamefully admitted that she was at a loss, and feared Kazuya had begun to hate her. She asked her senpai if all men ignored their former partner, as Kazuya did with her, when they started hating them. Arnett admitted she was also bad at such issues, and feared her advice might have made the situation worse. So, she suggested they both get expert advice for Satellizer's problems.

They're next seen with Arnett's esteemed leader, Elizabeth Mably, who expressed her displeasure that Satellizer hadn't greeted her upon her return, and then had the audacity to ask for love advice. Arnett tried to explain her underclass man's plight, but Satellizer impulsively said she'd solve the matter herself. Elizabeth then relented, and then gave her honest opinion. "Everything is your fault!" she declared as she pointed towards her former adversary. "Satellizer L. Bridget!", "I knew it!" Arnett said to herself.

Satellizer accused her former nemesis of teasing her, who rebutted by saying she was destined to hit rock bottom because she wouldn't face the issue head on. Arnett then stepped in, saying she should not expect Satella to take her at her word, and that she needed to explain the issue "nice and easy,". Elizabeth relented, and discerned that the reason behind Kazuya's rejection of Satellizer was because the sophomore had done nothing to make them an "official" couple, and that Kazuya had grown tired of the one-sided arrangement they had. Not to mention that despite everything that happened in Alaska and at the last Nova Clash, their relationship stayed the same, which she surmised was very frustrating to him. "She sounds so convincing," Arnett said to herself. She then watched as Satellizer said she couldn't understand why Kazuya would've ignored her as he did. Elizabeth said it was simple; since he couldn't have garnered her affections, he found a replacement, one that had all the qualities he admired about her. As she folded her arms with a proud expression, Arnett couldn't help but feel her analysis of the situation was flawless. "She is a true love advice professional!" she declared. "She could make a living doing this!" The next thing she saw was Satellizer asking Elizabeth for advice about resolving the issue, and Arnett was shocked at her obedience. She was even more shocked that Elizabeth agreed to have assisted her. She watched as the Academy's Reigning Enforcer whispered a plan in Satellizer's ear, which made her scream in protest. "Fine," the older Pandora replied, "I guess you don't care if someone else takes him then."

Later, Arnett and Elizabeth discuss the upcoming party. They are surprised by the facility's staff going out of their way to create special Volt uniforms for the girls to wear to the party. Once at the party, the pair enjoy themselves. Arnett briefly brings up Amelia Evans, but is annoyed by Elizabeth's faith and respect in the former E-Pandora.

Later, when Kazuya and the Legendary Pandora show up, they are soon seated at Elizabeth's table. Hesitantly, Arnett offers wine to Kazuya's aunts. Windy took a sniff, and declined her offer in a manner Arnett found quite intimidating. She offered some wine to Teslad, but her request was ignored. She was about to send off Morrison to get them some juice, but then she saw Cassandra intently eyeing the bottle. She asked the "Legendary Pandora" if she wanted some wine, to which Cassandra nodded in agreement.

Some time later, a Level One Alert is announced, which get everyone's attention. A Chevalier then appears before them and informs them the party was cancelled, and for everyone to head for the plaza immediately. Arnett saw Cassandra passed out on the table, which she knew would've hindered their retreat. Her leader told Andre to carry her, and he quickly complied.

Suddenly, Arnett heard a voice calling out to her. She turned and saw Satellizer and Kazuya rushing towards them, wondering what was happening. The answer soon came, in the form of the wall exploding behind them. Everyone turned and saw four hostile intruders entering the scene, the leader carrying a Limiter and the remains of a Chevalier in her hands. She callously discarded the dismembered Chevalier, and offered to pleasure the deceased's partner. Sickened by the display, Arnett summoned her Volt Weapon and immediately attacked the gruesome woman. But her attack was parried by the pink-haired intruder. Arnett vowed to kill the lot of them, as her comrades summoned their own weapons.

She watched as Morrison and Andre both released a Freezing field, which the leader broke in a matter of seconds. Elizabeth then attacked with her SSS, but her beams didn't so much as faze the intruders. Arnett then targeted the leader, as did Satellizer. They performed a Double Accel-Tempest combination, which seemed to confound their opponent. Unfortunately, their attacks were simultaneously stopped by the same pink-haired intruder, who proceeded to crush their weapons with her bare hands. Arnett immediately backed up, shocked that their weapons were broken like they were nothing. The same intruder suggested she and the leader proceed forward, while their remaining comrades cover their backs. The dark-haired intruder agreed to the plan, and hoped her friends "didn't play around too much," which incensed Arnett to no end, as she knew they were looking down on them. Yet for some reason, her body and mind felt so afraid of them.

Suddenly, a familiar voice called out to them, wondering why they were all there. Arnett turned and saw the familiar form of her classmate, Ticy Phenyl.  The Student Council President asked them why they hadn't retreated as ordered, and said she'd come to fetch them. The lead intruder didn't seem threatened, which Arnett saw as a grave miscalculation. "Are you sure you wanna leave," she asked. "This could be the last time you ever see those two." Petty dismissed her yet again, which enraged Arnett yet again. Though Ticy told her not to attack, as it wasn't their job to stop them. Though before they could've retreated, the enemy gunner assailed them with a sneak attack, which put them all on the defensive. Arnett parried one of her beams, as the intruder vowed to have dismembered them in an artistic manner. Though Ticy snuck up on her, and soon put the boastful intruder on the defensive. Arnett wound up cheering her former rival, seeing the gunner's defeat at hand.

Alas, it was not to be, and she and the others watched as the strongest Pandora at West Genetics was all but effortlessly defeated by the silent intruder, who held up Ticy's mangled body with but a single hand.[2]

When Cassandra reawakened as a Pandora-Type Nova, Arnett screamed for Isabella to release their Freezing, explaining to everyone that only the Anti-Freezing could have caused Cassandra to regress into her N3 state. Arnett's pleas were ignored by the arrogant Buster, who wanted to test a Legendary Pandora's full strength. Isabella fired a particle beam at Cassandra who blocked and absorbed the attack before firing a massive beam of her own, but Arnett and her friends jumped away and took cover just in time. Everyone then looked to the sky as a five Pandora-Type Nova descended onto the base with Arnett the most visibly twisted.

13th Nova Clash ArcEdit

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Arnett transends

Arnett transcends.

When the Nova attack, Arnett and her comrades are saved by Tiziana Ferrari and Franka Porche who provide explosive cover for their escape. However, Satellizer is captured and Kazuya pins everyone with his Freezing to break her free. The Freezing also snaps Cassandra out of her trance, but spurns the Nova to attack all of the Genetics students. Kazuya once more triggers his Freezing, which prevents anyone from escaping.

After awakening his powers, Kazuya releases his Freezing and induces Transcendence in Arnett, greatly boosting her abilities. While under Kazuya's command, Arnett works in tandem with Elizabeth and Satellizer to destroy the Nova. During the battle, the three Transcendent Pandora are highly uncomfortable with Kazuya's ability, as it controls their movements and alters their emotions. As the battle waged, Kazuya had Elizabeth act as a decoy so Arnett and Satellizer could defeat the enemies. As only one Nova remained, Arnett attacked using a Double Accel-Tempest, alongside Satellizer.

After the Nova were destroyed, Arnett and Elizabeth were thoroughly livid over Kazuya's control over them. The two demanded an explanation from Kazuya, who had trampled all over their wills. Satellizer attempts to calm them down, but Kazuya interjects that he did what he had to do in order to save everyone present. Enraged, Arnett moves to attack Kazuya, but is interrupted by Ticy. She managed to calm Arnett down and reminds everyone that they must get out of the current situation alive no matter what. Franka Porsche quickly alerts everyone to Rana's status, and Arnett joins the others when they confront Rana and the Legendary Pandora. The clash ends upon the arrival of Arcadia Aoi, who stops Teslad and Windy May herself.

Exit Revenant ArcEdit

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Following the severe damage to Gengo's private base, Arnett and her classmates are all return to West Genetics. Later, she and Morrison are approached by Satellizer asking them if they've seen Kazuya who's been missing for a day. When Radox Phantomheim leads massive Chevalier forces toward West Genetics, Arnett is among the students assembled by Su-Na Lee, alarmed by the attack when they are all innocent bystanders. Soon after, however, the Nova attack and all West Genetics forces redirect their energy and attention to the 14th Nova Clash.

When Elizabeth intercepts Satellizer and Rana rushing toward Gengo's private lab, Arnett joins them. Gengo explains Operation Exit Revenant to the Pandora. They all volunteer to rescue Kazuya, but when the world-ranked Pandora arrive, Charles loudly denounces Arnett's enthusiasm. Though angry, Arnett is calmed by Elizabeth who agrees they should allow Platoon 13 to go because they are the strongest among them.


Scythe Machina

Scythe Machina

Arnett Accel Tempest

Arnett's Accel-Tempest


  • Arnett sports an 80% compatibility rate with her three Stigmata. Already a noteworthy Pandora at the start of the series, by the time of her duel with Ticy Phenyl for student body president, Arnett has grown significantly as a Pandora since the 10th Nova Clash and her first battle with Satellizer.
  • Her fighting style revolves around her impressive usage of Accel Turn and effective utilization of her Volt Weapon. Combined with her near psychopathic nature, Arnett is a formidable opponent. Her fighting style is often seen as being aggressive and all-out offensive, with not much attention to defence, relying more so on her power to be her defence.
  • During the 13th Nova Clash, Arnett awakened as a Transcendent Pandora due the Omindirectional Freezingof Kazuya Aoi. Upon transcendence, she can manifest four wings of light and use 12000 units of Soul Energy[3]

Volt WeaponEdit

  • Scythe Machina (サイスマキナー, Saisu Makinā)is a long, double-headed scythe which fits with Arnett's initial sadistic personality. Its front blade being predominantly longer than the back.[4]

High-End SkillsEdit

  • Arnett is an Accel-Type Pandora who is very skilled in using Accel Turn. Initially able to perform a No-Interval Double Accel, as her skills improved, she is capable of performing a No-Interval Triple Accel as well as the unique Accel-Tempest technique. During the 13th Nova Clash she displayed the ability to use a Double Accel-Tempest Turn.
  • Arnett is skilled enough with Accel Turn to have been able to surprise Cassie Lockheart, who is arguably the fastest Pandora of the series. In her brief battle with Charles Bonaparte, Arnett was able to fight evenly with the world-ranked French Pandora and force her to use her powerful Moonlight Sonata attack.


  • Under Kazuya's direction, Arnett is now able to engage Pandora-Type Nova on equal footing.
  • Despite transcendence, Arnett's body is very inefficient with expending Soul Energy. Projecting a single attack can reduce her to compression rate to 6700/12000 [5]

Pandora ModeEdit

  • In the anime, Arnett possesses Pandora Mode.



Morrison is the Limiter of Arnett. They became bonded after an embarrassing incident by the academy fountain, after which Arnett practically strong armed Morrison into becoming her Limiter.


Dolly ParnellEdit

Her friend in Training Camp, Dolly's death caused Arnett's distaste and hatred for fellow Pandora hailing from rich backgrounds to grow greatly.

Elizabeth MablyEdit

Although Arnett perceived Elizabeth to be just like every other rich girl, she grew closer to her after the lynching incident. They have been close since their first year and have teamed up in a Carnival on at least one occasion. Arnett has also defended Elizabeth more than once and cited Ticy's interference between Elizabeth and Chiffon's battle as a reason to take Ticy down. Audrey Duval refers to Arnett as Elizabeth's Mad Dog. [6]

Arnett was visibly upset when hearing of Elizabeth's retirement and was possibly offended by the fact that she was not directly told by Elizabeth. She now leads the rest of the top ranking seniors in continuing Elizabeth's will for the academy and in ensuring that Ticy does a proper job with her newly-obtained role.

Attia SimmonsEdit

Though she sadistically attacked Attia during the 2063 Spring Carnival, the two later became close friends as individuals that both supported Elizabeth. Arnett often listens to Attia's schemes, such as when punishing Satellizer. On the other hand, Arnett ignored Attia's advice on how to take on Ticy, giving way to her psychopathic urges instead. Nonetheless, Attia renews their group as "Team Arnett" to continue Elizabeth's will and watch Ticy, a plan to which Arnett agrees to.

Creo BrandEdit

Creo was her room-mate during their first year, when the Lightning Hammer was very diminutive for a Pandora. She was also her partner for their battle against Satellizer and Rana. The two are often seen together as fellow supporters of Elizabeth's goals. Creo becomes a part of Attia's quickly formed "Team Arnett", following Ticy's victory.  Privately she misses the cuter Creo of her first two years, and comically despises Gorõ for "taking her Creo away."

Ingrid BernsteinEdit

As one of the highest ranking third years, Ingrid is often seen with Arnett and the others to discuss matters pertaining to maintenance of the statuesque in West Genetics. It appears that she is a part of the newly started "Team Arnett" following Ticy's victory in the election battle against Arnett.

Ticy PhenylEdit

In the beginning, Arnett didn't get along with Ticy. This was probably made worse since Ticy has a personality opposite to Arnett's. She hated the fact that Ticy constantly prevented Elizabeth from fighting Chiffon during each carnival. She also seems to hold an inferiority complex towards her, due to the fact that she is constantly ranked lower than her and longs for a chance to defeat her. As such, she is easily intimidated, when Ticy said that she is weaker than her during one of their matches in a carnival.

That began to change, however, after she found Ticy alone in the culture center. She silently watched as her rival watched old home movies with herself and Chiffon, not to mention Elizabeth, of whom she spoke of respectfully. The fact that her rival thought so highly of Elizabeth could've been seen as an eye-opener for the infamous Mad Dog of West Genetics. Later, after the 12th Clash, Ticy and Arnett became more comfortable in each other's company. This was especially demonstrated during the dinner party.

Satellizer L. BridgetEdit

At first, Arnett felt bitter, resentful and shameful towards Satellizer, mainly due to the fact that many third-year Pandora had failed to defeat her, especially when she and Creo engaged Satellizer and Rana Linchen in a 2-on-2 tag team battle, and lost that fight as well (with the intervention of Chiffon Fairchild and Ticy Phenyl). However, after the 10th Nova Clash, in which Satellizer saves her life from Nova Form Cassie Lockheart, Arnett starts to become friendly and grateful towards Satellizer, and even shares friendship and advice with each other, as time goes on. This has become much more evident and obvious, especially after the 11th Nova Clash, and subsequently, the student council presidency duel, in which Ticy succeeded Chiffon as the new student council president of West Genetics. During a time as they shared drinks and snacks with each other in Satella's room, Arnett asked Satellizer to join her so-called "Team Arnett", in order to put a check upon Ticy; however, Satella declined politely, stating that Arnett and her fellow third year teammates alone should be good enough for such a purpose. Satella also wished that Arnett and her friends would truly honor the desires of both Elizabeth and Chiffon, since she believed firmly that Elizabeth would definitely return to West Genetics for sure. The two later had a falling out when Satellizer intervened in Arnett's attack on Charles Bonaparte after Charles, in turn, brutalized Attia Simmons. After Satellizer saved Arnett's life again during the 12th Nova Clash, their friendship was re-established. They later tag-teamed against Petty Layner with their Combination Accel-Tempest and are battled together against several Pandora-Type Nova during the 13th Nova Clash.

Kazuya AoiEdit

Arnett's junior and unofficial partner of Satellizer. Arnett had on occasion attempted to help Kazuya and Satellizer's relationship such as when it began to dissolve following the 12th Nova Clash. After being subjected to Kazuya's new powers, Arnett was furious at him for overriding her will and using her like a puppet. When his apology was found lacking, Arnett attempted to attack Kazuya. Later on, Arnett appears to meet and reconcile with Kazuya.


Keith McMillanEdit

Arnett's father, who worked as a delivery man in California. She loves him dearly, and became a Pandora to make him proud.

Mrs. McMillanEdit

Arnett's mother, who died when she was very young.


  • Whereas McMillan has several references towards the real world, such as McMillan Hotels (a hotel group), McMillan LLP (a Canadian law firm) and Clan MacMillan (a Highland Scottish clan). However it's best probable reference is to Macmillan Publishers, an international publishing company which has published novels of major writers including Margaret Mitchell, the author behind the novel of Gone with the Wind which contains a character named Scarlett O'Hara, which is a reference towards Freezing's Scarlett Ohara.
  • Arnett preferably drinks the worldly renowned: Heineken beer (Heine ken beer).
  • Arnett seems to enjoy video games, as she got a hand-held console for her fourteenth birthday, and is seen playing on a console with Morrison in her dorm room.
  • Arnett possesses the second highest compatibility rate in her class, surpassed only by Elizabeth Mably
  • Arnett is the first and currently the only Swiss Pandora introduced in the series.
  • When Arnett's hair is down, she could easily be confused for Ganessa or Ingrid, as noted by several readers who noticed that the three are quite similar.
  • In the dimensional world of Elca, Arnett's counterpart is Carol Voltega Miriam.


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