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Freezing, with credits showing Artlim Media, Lim Dall Young and Kim Kwang Hyun, and KTC.

Artlim Media ( 아트림 미디어 ) is a manga/manhwa production house. It was founded by Lim Dall Young and his associates, as an offshoot of CDPA. Artlim was established in 1999, and incorporated in 2000. The name derives from Media from the Art of Mr. Lim. It also serves as a videogame studio.

Artlim Media produced the Freezing manga and Freezing: First Chronicles for KTC's Comic Valkyrie, and many other of Mr. Lim's works.

In South Korea, it publishes Comic GT, which is the publisher of the original Korean edition of Freezing. As Freezing is written in Korean before being transcribed into Japanese for first publication, the Korean edition can be more faithful to the original intent of Mr. Lim, even though it is not the first publication language.

Both Lim Dall Young and Kim Kwang Hyun are part of Artlim Media.

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