Cassie Lockheart and Julia Munberk have fought in the main Freezing manga and in the second season Freezing anime.


Cassie Lockheart

Cassie Lockheart

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Julia Munberk

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Timeline placementEdit

The fight between Cassie Lockheart and Julia Munberk occurs during the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc only occurring in Freezing Vibration episode 8 and in chapters 71, 72, and 77 in the main Freezing manga.

Battle SynopsisEdit

  • Winner: None

When Satellizer and Rana resolve to fight against the Chevalier due to their atrocities against the E-Pandora, they encounter Julia who dismembers a Novalizing E-Pandora. They fight her, but Cassie steps in when the girls decide to use the Wings of Light to match Julia.

When the girls leave, Julia looks down upon Cassie when the latter proclaimed to be at Julia's level when she was listed as the weakest of the five strongest Genetics Pandora, citing her defeat against Satellizer in the 10th Nova Clash. Cassie does not deny her defeat, but challenges the notion that she is the "weakest".

The girls fight without getting their Limiters involved, and Julia's flurry of shock waves makes Cassie unable to touch her with her Triple Accel Turn. Cassie resorts to her signature Unavoidable Quadruple Accel and bashes Julia, who knows she can no longer dodge any of Cassie's attacks even with Tempest Turn. When Cassie shifts to attack again, her arm is suddenly cut off and Julia reveals her "SSS" [[Volt Texture|Volt Weapon}}, two hovering metal sickles, which she does not use outside of dire situations. Julia calculates the strength of Cassie's ultimate speed and compares it to the speed of her sonic attacks. With the difference between Mach 2 against Mach 3 and the absolute defense her omnidirectional attacks, Julia asserts that she does not need to dodge any of Cassie's attacks, for Cassie no longer has a chance of hitting her. Cassie, with new confidence, asserts that calculations mean little on the battlefield but will concede defeat if Julia's attacks can overcome her new speed. Julia ridicules her she unleashes her Division Wave. Cassie performs a new technique, Stigmata Amplification and accelerates, dodging all of Julia's sonic attacks and barely breaking her initial stance. Julia's overly calculated mind could not comprehend her attacks being evaded, and Cassie took the German Pandora's arm.


Julia refuses to admit defeat though both Pandora have lost an arm to the other. Cassie retorts, indicating her goal was to keep Julia from advancing and she succeeded. Julia and Cassie stop fighting when the Nova-fied Amelia begins to resonate with the Pandora and attack the Alaska Base. They enter the 11th Nova Clash.


  • Reaching a "Sextuple Accel" is first introduced in this battle.
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