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"It was there that I met her, a girl from behind who looked strong yet lonesome just like my sister."

Kazuya Aoi as he encounters Satellizer L. Bridget for the first time.

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The Untouchable Queen
Volume 001, Chapter 001
Kana 接触禁止の女王
Romaji Sesshokukinshi no Jo Ō
Translation The Untouchable Queen
Release date January 01, 2007
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
Publisher Kill Time Communication (KTC)
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The Hunted Girl

The Untouchable Queen is the first chapter of the Freezing manga series and the first chapter of Volume 001.


Set in the near future, humanity faces annhilation from the Nova, invading aliens from another dimension. Kazuya Aoi, the younger brother of hero Kazuha Aoi, enters West Genetics as part of a promise. There he meets a mysterious girl named Satellizer who reminds him of his sister.


The chapter starts with an overview of the Freezing universe. Then we see the primary protagonists appear, Kazuya Aoi mistakes Satellizer L. Bridget for his dead older sister and hugs her, and causing him to activate a strong Freezing field. This precipitates a loss during the Carnival, the first loss for The Untouchable Queen (Satellizer), and a win for Ganessa Roland, elevating Ganessa's ranking to first of second-year Pandora, and dropping Satellizer to second.

Kazuya is being taken on a tour of West Genetics campus by the student body president, Chiffon Fairchild, who acts friendly and timid. She advises him to never interact with Satellizer, because she hates being touched, and more than that, he caused her first loss, loss of her first placing, and injury. During Chiffon's lecture, the enraged Satella runs amok by destroying a wall close to Kazuya and Chiffon but then, Ganessa steps in confronts Satellizer, Ganessa starts by mocking Satella`s pathetic, angry appearance, and a battle breaks out between them. This sends Satellizer through a wall, and into Chiffon and Kazuya. Satellizer shows her martial ability, by beating Ganessa, showing that the Carnival win was only caused by interference. Ganessa cannot accept it and activates Pandora Mode, imparting her with her Pandora Suit, by then still an obsolete form of equipment, and immobilizes Satellizer. Satellizer then proceeds to activate Pandora Mode as well, disabusing Ganessa of the notion she was the only second-year Pandora cadet who knew how to use Pandora Mode, and equipping with her own Pandora Suit and Nova Weapon.


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