"I am Rana Linchen, Kazuya's soulmate."

Rana Linchen as she introduces herself to Satellizer L. Bridget.

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A Sign of Rivalry
Volume 3, Chapter 012
Chapter 12 Cover
Kana 相克の兆し
Romaji Sōkoku no kizashi
Translation A Sign of Rivalry
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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Her Name is Rana Linchen
Stigma Body

A Sign of Rivalry is the twelfth chapter of the Freezing series, first chapter of Volume 3 and the third chapter of the Rana Introductory Arc.


Kazuya's freezing ability is unleashed on the thugs, but only for a short time, as Kazuya is only able to punch, the thug holding Arthur. The thugs flee, though leaving the Genetics students alone. Satellizer is then told, by Arthur that Kazuya was in the hospital. Satellizer rushes over there, only to find Rana outside the emergency room claiming Kazuya as her soul mate. This made Satellizer angry, but Rana seemed to not notice as she state that she will be attending Genetics tomorrow. Arthur then takes Rana away to Kaho's room, as Satellizer gains permission from Elize to see Kazuya, where Kaho deduces that Rana's Kalunu tears, are just Stigmata, and that her soul mate was a limiter. Arthur tries to explain that Kazuya is the limiter of Satellizer already. Yu-mi and Elize are then seen looking at Kazuya's files, finding something shocking in it.


In the face of armed thugs, Kazuya angrily unleashes a powerful Freezing, paralyzing the thugs. Rana and Kaho are caught in the Freezing as well and fail to rationalize Kazuya's abilities. Kazuya brutally punches one of the thugs holding Arthur hostage, but he quickly falls unconscious. Kazuya's Freezing is released and Rana beats one of the men who continues to threaten them. The three of them flee, leaving Rana and Arthur to carry Kaho and Kazuya to West Genetics for treatment.

Outside of the recovery room, Rana believes Kazuya is her soul mate. Satellizer, who has been waiting for Kazuya, is approached by Arthur Crypton, who informs Satellizer of Kazuya's situation. When Satellizer reaches the recovery center, she encounters Rana, who invites Satellizer to wait with her. Rana introduces herself to Satellizer, declaring that Kazuya is her soul mate, surprising the British Pandora. A jealous Satellizer begins emitting murderous intent, but Rana politely responds to it by indicating she will be attending Genetics the next day. Arthur then returns to the recovery center and pulls Rana away to talk. Doctor Elize Schmitz soon walks out and tells the "Untouchable Queen" she can see Kazuya.

Arthur and Rana go to Kaho's recovery room, and Rana begins discussing her village and the "Tears of Kunlun," which Kaho points out are Stigmata when seeing them on Rana's back, thus making Rana a Pandora. Kaho then deduces that Rana's search for a "soul mate" is her search for a Limiter, and Rana declares she wants Kazuya to fill that role. Kaho and Arthur relay that Kazuya is already Satellizer's Limiter.

Elize and Yu-Mi Kim begin scanning Kazuya's files and are shocked upon their findings.

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  • Rana has six Stigmata and Kaho has two.

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