"Power is supplied from your weapon. That is Pandora combat law."

Creo Brand as she calmly beats Rana.

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Volume 4, Chapter 018
Chapter 18 Cover
Kana 3年の威容1
Romaji 3-nen no iyō 1
Translation Punishment
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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The Majestic 3rd Years, Part 2

The Majestic 3rd Years Part 1 is the eighteenth chapter of the Freezing manga series. It is the continuation of the 3rd Year Punishment Arc, as well as the first chapter of Volume 4.


Rana and Satellizer continue their duels against Arnett McMillan and Creo Brand and the sophomores quickly lose ground to their opponents' superior High End Skills and raw power.


The fight continues with Satellizer whose back has been slashed from a frontal attack by Arnett's Volt Weapon. Creo, while Rana was looking elsewhere, takes the opportunity to punch Rana. Rana was able to dodge the first jab and Creo's three subsequent attacks. However, when Rana ducks Creo bashes Rana's skull. Creo explains that it is impossible to dodge 100% of the jabs. Rana, in desperation, tries to deal an open palm strike at Creo's torso. Creo punches into the palm with such strength that it pushes Rana her backwards upon impact. Creo deals Rana an uppercut and another jab to her head. Creo explains Pandora combat law before she punches Rana in the face, stating that power is from the weapon. Creo then uses Tempest Turn, generating three copies that finish off Rana in a sequence of vicious punches across her body. Creo thanks Rana for the short but enjoyable fight.

Satellizer is next seen fighting Arnett, and is being outclassed, and unable to land an attack on a non-serious Arnett. Arnett, being overconfident, nearly gets her head cut off when urging Satellizer to use her Accel, but she was able to dodge it, as well as Satellizer's following attacks. Arnett then uses her Accel, letting Satellizer see how badly her Accel is outclassed by Arnett's. Satellizer is struck from behind again not understanding how this is possible when Arnett's attacks are launched from the front. Satellizer moves away trying to figure out her opponents' attack, but is proven futile when she was still unable to predict Arnett's movements. Arnett explains her ability, to an oblivious Satellizer, telling her that she was using a simple Double Accel, and the attack from behind was just her hoping around. Satellizer then realizes the severity of her situation seeing that Arnett's Double Accel is a combination of both Tempest turn and Accel turn at the same time.

Event NotesEdit

  • Creo and Arnett overpower Rana and Satellizer.


  • Satellizer proposes the idea of Accel Turn and Tempest Turn being used at the same time. She later goes on to invent such a technique later in the series and Arnett too learns the unique skill.

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