"It's best to pay attention since I'll be getting serious now. ~De Arimasu..."

Rana Linchen to Creo Brand, resuming their fight.

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Volume 4, Chapter 21
Chapter 21 Cover
Kana 反撃
Romaji Hangeki
Translation Counterattack
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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Counterattack is the twenty first chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 4 and the seventh chapter of the 3rd Year Retaliation Arc.


Satellizer rises and stops the bleeding in her neck as she activates the Holy Gates, which were used by Rana. However, Satellizer is unconscious, but even so, she manages to resume her battle with Arnett, battling on par with her before defeating the third-year with a Triple Accel. Rana rises as well as activates her Holy Gates to begin a counterattack against Creo.


Satellizer gets back up, telling her opponents that she will not lose. Attia and the other third years notice that the cut on her neck has healed and her bleeding has stopped. Satellizer then activates her "Holy Gates" by pushing her body's limits the extreme. Satellizer then hits Arnett with her shoulder and stomps on Arnett's stomach, while Arnett was on the ground. Arnett realizes that it was a No-Interval Double Accel. Rana, with Creo not looking, takes the opportunity to punch Creo in the stomach.

Satellizer continues to use Double Accel, with Arnett barely being able to block her attack from behind. Attia notices that Satellizer is able to fight on par with Arnett, while being unconscious. Satellizer is able to land a clean hit on Arnett; she tries to hit Arnett again but misses and hit the wall. Satellizer is then able to break Arnett's weapon. Arnett then realizes that not only is Satellizer's strikes faster then her, but also Satellizer's strikes are faster then the speed of sound it self. Arnett finally deduces that Satellizer is using the Triple Accel, and she is beaten shortly after the revelation.

Creo, in shock, looks at Arnett, finding her unconscious and unable to move. Rana gets in Creo's face telling her that she was going to experience the same fate. Creo uses her Tempest Turn to try and beat Rana, but Rana then activates her "Holy Gates," surprising Creo and mounting her counter-attack.

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  • Début of the Triple Accel.

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