"This is a nightmare!! No! It's not true... it can't be true!"

Attia Simmons when she panics about Arnett and Creo's defeats.

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Each's Respective Pride
Volume 4, Chapter 22
Chapter 22 Cover
Kana それぞれの誇り
Romaji Sorezore no hokori
Translation Each's Respective Pride
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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Each's Respective Pride is the twenty second chapter of the Freezing series, fifth chapter of Volume 4 and the eighth chapter of the 3rd Year Retaliation Arc.


Rana Linchen unleashes a powerful counterattack against Creo Brand, but she and Arnett wish to continue for a second round, until everyone is stopped by president Chiffon Fairchild and Ticy Phenyl.


Rana continues her counter-attack on Creo Brand, using Tempest Turn, outclassing Creo's having four copies instead of three. Creo notices that not only does Rana have more clones, but they last longer, and are faster as well. Rana hits Creo from all four sides and uses "Burning Fang x4." Creo is beaten as well. Attia Simmons could not believe what she was seeing, both Creo and Arnett had been beaten by 2nd years.

Rana, states that the "Holy Gates" were a double edged sword, gaining power, but hurting the user. Rana then looks at Satellizer in amazement thinking that, it was very impressive that Satellizer was able to activate the "Holy Gates," without any special training. Rana then goes to Satellizer, thinking that she had fought on pure instinct when fighting Arnett Satellizer wakes up, and Rana tells her not to move, telling her that opening the "Holy Gates" so abruptly could have torn every muscle in her body.

An angered Attia, then decides to deploy her Volt Weapon, but is stopped when Arnett and Creo stand back up. Arnett tells the girls that things were getting interesting. Attia asked them if they were alright, and Arnett tells Attia that she was at her limit. Arnett tells Attia that if she lost to them, she would be unable to face them, stating that that was worse then death.

As Rana, Satellizer, Arnett, and Creo get ready for round two, the president of the student council, Chiffon, orders them to stop. Chiffon tells Attia that it was violation of school policy, after Attia pleads that this was necessary. Arnett refuses to listen and launched an attack on Satellizer, and as Chiffon order her to stop, an unknown shadow appears, speeding towards Arnett.

Event NotesEdit

  • Rana defeats Creo.
  • Creo and Arnett get back up ready to fight as do Rana and Satellizer.
  • Chiffon arrives at the simulation center to stop the fight.

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