"This is a battlefield... the site of the 10th Nova Clash. But just a few hours ago we were...I was..."

Cassie Lockheart during the onset of the 10th Nova Clash.

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East Genetics
Volume 5, Chapter 25
Translation East Genetics
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Cassie Lockheart

East Genetics is the twenty-fifth chapter of the Freezing series, first chapter of Volume 5 and first chapter of the 10th Nova Clash Arc.


East Genetics is under attack by four Nova's at the same time. Milena Marius leads the charge, on an a Type-S nova, as she orders the decoys to distract the Nova as Cassie Lockheart tries to finish it off. Cassie is unsuccessful though, as the Type-S is able to slam her down. Cassie horrified at her situation remembers how quiet it was just a few hours ago. Cassie is seen being told by Kyoichi Minase, that he loved her. Kyoichi then leaves giving Cassie, time to sort things out herself. Cassie's fellow Pandora, June, and Nene, surprises Cassie, stating their jealousy, having someone profess their love to Cassie. Cassie, now feeling she loves Kyoichi, is invited to a night on the town, with her two Pandora's celebrating the news. Cassie, is then seen in her room, where Milena, comes in wanting to talk.


East Genetics is being attacked, to everyone's amazement, by four Nova, at the same time, in the same place.

The Pandora's of East Genetics are deployed and Milena Marius leads the attack. She orders the decoys to draw the Nova's attention so the strikers could strike. The strikers are able to do their jobs and destroy the armor protecting the Nova's core. The finisher, Cassie Lockheart, then tries to finish the strategy, and deal the final blow, but is unsuccessful as the Type-S was able to knock her down. The Type-S continues its onslaught and kills the entire 8th platoon. Cassie is then petrified at the battlefield, and thinks back to how things were mere hours ago.

Cassie remembers Kyoichi Minase asking to go out with him. He stated that he had always loved her ever since he became her Limiter, one year ago. Cassie does not answer, in shock at this sudden revelation, and Kyoichi tells her that she could give him an answer by tomorrow.

Nene and June then rushes to Cassie, overhearing what Kyoichi had just said. Cassie, had been embarrassed by this, and had always only thought of Kyoichi as a Limiter, but the feeling had now changed into felling of love. Nene, being jealous of her, decides that they should go out and do karaoke, with Cassie treating.

Cassie is then seen, in her room, looking out in the night sky, and thinking about how Kyoichi and how she what her feelings are to him. Milena then interrupts her thoughts, entering her room, asking if she had a spare moment.

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  • This chapter demonstrates that not all Pandora-Limiter pairs are lovers.

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