"I am the only man who really cares for you!"

Louis L. Bridget's twisted logic towards his sister.

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Volume 7, Chapter 42
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Translation Bound
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Bound is the forty-second chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 7 and fourth chapter of the Siblings Arc.


Louis harasses Satellizer in her room, verbally and sexually.


Tired and unwilling to deal him, Satellizer L. Bridget asks him on what he wants. But Louis L. Bridget counters "Is there any problem with your brother visiting his older sisters room... after 4 years?". Louis caress her cheeks and comments on how she has grown. But Satellizer slaps his hand away. Louis has been looking forward to the day they would meet again and blames Violet L. Bridget's over-protectiveness for separating them. Satellizer picks up a table and breaks it. Satellizer orders Louis to leave and makes it clear that she can kill him without any problems. But Louis does not even flinch. He uses Violet's feelings to deter Satellizer however Satellizer makes that if he continues, she may just disregard Violet's feelings. Louis assertively reminds Satellizer that she is just his personal property, his toy and reminds her of the time she "wagged her tail like a bitch." This starts breaks down Satellizer's mental resistance. Louis makes note of the change in Satellizer, that is her actions of standing up to him, and concludes that it is because of Kazuya Aoi, calling him a 'dirty Jap'. But Satellizer yells that Kazuya is the one she loves and he is someone who is important to her. Louis asserts that he is the one who truly loves her. But Satellizer calls him a psycho, a sadist and "a coward who can't even get his sister because she is blood-related" and declares that she will never allow him to touch her again. Louis goes over to the television and the speakers of her room and plays a recording of Louis sexually harassing her and forcing to say humiliating things and to do humiliating deeds such as eating potato chips off the floor while being naked. This completely breaks down Satellizer's defenses and she cries. Louis orders Satellizer go on her hands and knees as he takes off his belt in order to punish her for addressing his name without respect and to remind her that she belongs to him. Satellizer screams as Louis punishes her.

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