"I'd rather die!"

Satellizer L. Bridget's true thoughts as her brother torments her.

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Jealous Lover
Volume 7, Chapter 43
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Translation Jealous Lover
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Jealous Lover is the forty-third chapter of the Freezing series, fifth chapter of Volume 7 and fifth chapter of the Siblings Arc.


Louis stops whipping Satellizer who finally submits to him. Louis expresses his joy to be with Satellizer and deepens his obsession with her. Satellizer, though going along with Louis, does not have any desire to be with him and essentially rejects him. The following day, Holly confronts Satellizer at breakfast.


Louis finishes whipping Satellizer. He grabs her chin and asks her if she likes the pain, if she's remembered her place. Tearing, Satellizer submits, saying that she belongs to her brother and that she's forgotten such pain. A happy Louis releases the rope around Satellizer's hands and Satellizer sits up on the bed, devoid of emotion. Louis gropes his sister and recalls they days when Satellizer was a crybaby when their mother consistently punished her. As Louis touches her face, Satellizer privately cries out that his touch is vile, but she tells Louis she appreciates him with her everything. Louis laughs and deepens his obsession with his sister. Satellizer blankly says that no one has their kind of relationship. Overjoyed, Louis hugs his emotionless sister, claiming that no other man shall have her. That being said, Louis asks if he can sleep with Satellizer. Satellizer declares herself a piece of meat and a doll he owns. Louis violently slaps Satellizer. Louis realizes that Satellizer is not even tempted to be with him and finds it heartbreaking that even though he loves so much, he can't be with her since she was born his sister. Tears gather in his eyes. Louis applies medicine on her wounds to prevent them from getting worse. As he leaves, he blames Kazuya for making Satellizer 'forget' about him. He mentions that her heart originally belonged to him and to hear her say that he likes other men is hard to take it. With a sad face, Louis bids her good night and leaves. Satellizer weeps also like a child.

The next day, Kazuya invites Satellizer to eat breakfast. Satellizer is reluctant and Kazuya notices that she is looking unwell. They eat anyway and as the do, Kazuya notices how little Satellizer is eating and goes off to get more food for her. Holly then sit down with Satellizer and asks her if Louis came to her room last night.

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  • Louis shows his lust for Satellizer, who submits to his will.
  • Satellizer is shaken by her night with Louis.

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