"Because Kazuya is... my one and only partner!"

Satellizer L. Bridget declares her reason for defying Louis.

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Bonds is the forty-seventh chapter of the Freezing series, second chapter of Volume 8, and ninth chapter of the Siblings Arc.


Satellizer refuses to allow Holly or Louis to harm Kazuya. Kazuya tries to talk Holly out of meaningless fight but she refuses and expresses her jealousy and rage toward Satellizer, wanting to destroy her, sparking their fight.


Louis L. Bridget orders his older sister to move but she refuses. She makes it clear that she is on Kazuya Aoi's side and makes it clear that she will protect Kazuya from anyone who wishes him harm, Louis included. She calls Kazuya her one and only partner. But Louis won't have any of it and intends to break her bond with Kazuya by removing her Stigmata.

Satellizer L. Bridget makes a note that Holly Rose is the top senior in Genetics UK thus in the same rank as Chiffon Fairchild. As she is about to fight Holly, Kazuya tries to reason with Holly and talk her out of fighting a meaningless fight. But Holly won't listen and is under the control of Louis. She expresses her hate for Satellizer and is jealous of her since she is the subject of Louis's attention and affection. And even if Louis hadn't ordered it, she still intended to do Satellizer harm. Satellizer can emphasize with Holly but she intends to break free of his control and to do that, she will have to be beat Holly whom she calls as one of Louis's dolls.

But Louis is not convinced, having faith that Holly is stronger than her. Louis then reveals the Heroic Stigmata to Kazuya. The Heroic Stigmata are the remaining Stigmata of Kazuha and despite having a low compatibility rate, Howard was still able to use his influence to get Satellizer six. Kazuya had no knowledge of this and was under the impression that his sister's Stigmata was buried with her. On the other hand, Louis did not know that Kazuya is Kazuha's brother.

Satellizer admits that she knew all along that Kazuya is Kazuha's little brother. She didn't tell him that she held her Stigmata in fear of being resented by Kazuya. Kazuya now realizes why he was so happy when he first met her and considers Satellizer as someone who will carry on her will. Holly begins her attack but Satellizer won't let anyone touch her Stigmata.

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  • Holly is revealed to be the strongest Pandora at Genetics UK.

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