"And then this time, I'll live a life with Kazuya, living for my own sake!"

Satellizer L. Bridget assured of her victory.

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Released Shackles
Volume 8, Chapter 48
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Released Shackles is the forty-eighth chapter of the Freezing series, third chapter of Volume 8, and tenth chapter of the Siblings Arc.


Satellizer and Holly begin their duel, and Holly naturally gains the upper hand with her superior Accel abilities. Satellizer fights back with the Holy Gates and a variation of the Accel that she created, the Accel-Tempest. Louis and Holly retaliate with their Ereinbar Set, but Kazuya's Freezing abilities are much stronger than Louis'.


Satellizer L. Bridget refuses to let Holly Rose and Louis L. Bridget come near her precious Stigmata, for they connect her to Kazuya Aoi. Holly continues to attack, beginning with a No-Interval Double Accel, but Satellizer has developed such experience to see and block such an attack. It does not matter to Holly. She keeps bashing her broadsword against Satellizer's Nova Blood, furious and jealous that Louis always chose Satellizer over her. Satellizer is left on the defensive. Holly performs another Double Accel. Satellizer prepares to block it, but holly transitions into a Triple Accel and slashes Satellizer's back.

Louis reminds them that Holly is the top ranked Pandora at Genetics UK. Transitioning from a Double to a Triple Accel instantly is no trouble for her. He gives Satellizer one last chance to return to him. But with Kazuya behind her, Satellizer answers no. Satellizer activates her Wings of Light and challenges Holly to break the Stigmata she's worked tirelessly to control. Holly feels the terrifying force within Satellizer, but she does not back down. Holly transitions from Accel to Double Accel to Triple Accel, but Satellizer blocks all of her attacks. By using her Accel-Tempest Variant, the Untouchable Queen" returns Holly in kind. Satellizer explains that, on paper, she is a failure as a Pandora, for she has an incredibly low compatibility with her Stigmata and used her father's influence to obtain such coveted weaponry, all to escape the L. Bridget estate. Even so, these Heroic Stigmata gave her the power to win by forcibly accelerating the corrosion rate of her stigma even if she risks becoming a Nova. Louis says that she'll die with that kind of power, but Satellizer would rather die than be his doll. She announces she will never surrender herself to Louis again and she isn't weak like her mother who kept on following the will of others. She thanks the Stigmata for giving her the power to be strong.

Louis and Holly activate their Ereinbar Set. Louis uses his Freezing, determined to keep Satellizer shacked but Kazuya neutralizes it with his much more powerful abilities.

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