"Let's play soccer!"

Creo Brand's solution for restoring relations between the second and third years.

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Forget That; Let's Play Soccer
Volume 8, Chapter 51
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Translation Forget That; Let's Play Soccer
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Forget That; Let's Play Soccer is the fifty-second chapter of the Freezing series, final chapter of Volume 8, and a filler chapter within the E-Pandora Project Arc.


Before the E-Pandora Project is officially underway, the second and third-year Pandora cadets have a soccer match, which ends with Elizabeth and Rana stripping the other players.


Satellizer L. Bridget, Rana Linchen, Chiffon Fairchild, and Elizabeth Mably along with their Limiters have been informed that they are to go to the Alaska Base from a project in the upcoming days. However, after the 10th Nova Clash and the Pandora's week off, things have returned to normal at West Genetics except Elizabeth Mably and her friends have lost the friendship the sophomores had for them after Elizabeth led the tirade against Satellizer L. Bridget. The juniors believe Elizabeth does not want anything to do with them while they still flock to Ticy Phenyl and Chiffon Fairchild.

Elizabeth and her friends retreat to their club room, wondering why her underclassmen are avoiding them. While both Arnett McMillan and Attia Simmons are reluctant to admit that Elizabeth is rather scary and oblivious, they all propose ideas to earn back their juniors' friendship. Though she emits a sinister aura Creo Brand proposes a plan to play soccer. Creo goes out to her juniors and invites them to play with the other third-years. Elizabeth joins her and extends that they will also help teach the underclassmen about High End Skills. The sophomores are happy to play while Rana sucks Satellizer into playing by using alone time with Kazuya as incentive.

The game begins with the ironic placement of Satellizer and Elizabeth on Blue Team which includes Creo, Audrey Duval, Takeuchi Kaori, Nagase Koushoku, Sharon Obama, Victoria Uldman, Son Mina, Ticy Phenyl, and Samantha Morton . They are against Red Team including Arnett, Rana, Attia, Ganessa Roland, Ingrid Bernstein, Trish McKenzie, Agatha Shones, Shishidou Miho, Matsumoto Shizuka, Michele Veizar, and Naiya Chiharu. Chiffon is announced as referee and the match begins. Everything starts off quite well despite the animosity between Elizabeth and Satellizer. Satellizer is very good at soccer, but Ganessa rams her earning her a yellow card. The game continues and Rana shows that she's good at the game as well until Elizabeth starts using the Accel Turn. However, Rana accidentally pulls down Elizabeth's shorts in the match, exposing her panties. Rana apologizes but Elizabeth takes it personally. The entire match explodes in a strip fight between Rana and Elizabeth, but they are stripping the other members of each others' teams. The game ends in this chaos and the high ranking third-years lament that they will be considered "untouchable."


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