"To think their entire family would get caught up with the Nova... I can't see it as anything other than bad luck."

Roxanne Elipton commenting on the cruel fate of the Aoi Family.

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Sub-Zero Tundra
Volume 9, Chapter 53
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Translation Sub-Zero Tundra
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Sub-Zero Tundra is the fifty-third chapter of the Freezing series, first chapter of Volume 9 and second chapter of the E-Pandora Project Arc.


The West Genetics team arrives at the Alaska Base where they are joined by the strongest Genetics Pandora across the world, the encounter the unwelcoming E-Pandora.


Kazuya Aoi, Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen arrive in the Alaska Base. Kazuya and Rana complain about the cold temperature. They are shocked to know that even in May the temperatures can reach the negatives. In the main auditorium of the Alaska Base, a party is being held for all the Pandora's and Limiters who have arrived. Kazuya, Satellizer and Rana meet up with Chiffon Fairchild, Eugene, Elizabeth Mably and André Françoise. On the podium, Dr. Scarlett Ohara introduces herself and welcomes all the attending Pandora's and Limiters. Scarlett gives them rather impressive speech which ends with her asking them their assistance in the Project. Scarlett is met with an applause from the Pandora's and Limiters. Scarlett leaves and the Pandora's and Limiters begin to enjoy the food present for them.

Kazuya overhears two girls talking about how his grandfather was against the project. Kazuya asks the girls if that's true. When asked about who he is, Rana proudly introduces him as Gengo Aoi's grandson. Roxanne Elipton, together with Shi-Jing Hong, then steps in and comments about how the entire Aoi Family is fighting the Nova. Chiffon immediately recognizes her. Roxanne apologizes to Chiffon for not keeping contact. The Immortal gives her respect to Kazuya. Kazuya notes that even though she is a World Rank Pandora, she is nice and does not have the expected frightening aura.

Chiffon introduces Roxanne to Elizabeth, André, Rana and Satellizer. Roxanne has heard of Satellizer and her title as "Untouchable Queen". She then grabs Satellizer's breasts and wonder if they are implants. Her actions clearly stun the group. Chiffon pulls Roxanne away and berates her on why she grabbed Satellizer's breasts, considering her near murderous reputation for harming anyone who touches her. Chiffon apologizes on behalf of her friend but contrary to what Chiffon expected, Satellizer does not lash out on Roxanne. Instead, she just mentions that she was surprised. This makes Chiffon and Elizabeth comically suspicious. Roxanne reveals her opinions on human experimentation. The group then takes a look at the hostile E-Pandora gathered at a table.

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