"In order to surpass those who were born with power... I'll use whatever method I have to!"

Scarlett determined to defeat Gengo Aoi at any price.

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Those Who Crawl Along The Ground
Volume 9, Chapter 56
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Translation Those Who Crawl Along The Ground
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Those Who Crawl Along The Ground is the fifty-sixth chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 9 and fifth chapter of the E-Pandora Project Arc.


The Chevalier order the distribution of the MARK IV to the E-Pandora, which Scarlett relays to the cadets on the base. Meanwhile, Elizabeth and Andre get to know the E-Pandora.


The members of the Chevalier discuss matters involving the funding of the Project as well as gaining the public's support. With so much pressure being placed on them, Marks Spencer orders Scarlett Ohara to use the MARK IV in spite of the fatal side effects it will have on the recipient.

In the E-Pandora locker room, the E-Pandora's are taking their defeat badly. Gina Papleton expresses frustration and anger at how different the real Pandora's are compared to them whether it be their skills or their lives. Amelia Evans says that although they became E-Pandora for different reasons, it was because of those reasons that they were able to meet each other. Amelia cheers them up and motivates them. In Scarlett's office, she vows to surpass those who were born with power even if it means being despised.

In the cafeteria, Elizabeth Mably and André Françoise are left with no table and seat together with the E-Pandora's. Rattle asks her about her lip gloss. Elizabeth answers them it is the Limited Edition Mably Lip Gloss. Her answer confirms for the E-Pandora's her status as the daughter of the Mably Family. Elizabeth offers them an employee discount which has 30% off. Elizabeth offers Amelia the discount as well but Amelia turns her down, saying she's only showing off her money. But Elizabeth easily defends herself, saying that she is only showing good will to comrades and that Amelia has an inferiority complex. This draws the ire of the E-Pandora but before it can get any worse, other Pandora's (one notably Roxanne Elipton) come in and ask Elizabeth for Lip Gloss too. Scarlett and a scientist watch the scene in their office.

Everyone is gathered in the main auditorium once again. Scarlett announces "Mission Synchro". Their plan is to synchronize the Stigmata of an E-Pandora with the Stigmata of a real Pandora so that the E-Pandora can experience the abilities of the real Pandora. By synchronizing their vital signs, the E-Pandora can absorb the skills in their bodies. However, in order to stabilize their vitals, the highly experimental MARK IV medicine will be used. The E-Pandora are shocked while everyone else is wondering what the Mark IV is.

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  • MARK IV is to be administered to the E-Pandora.

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