"Are you saying that out of pride... as the strongest active-duty Chevalier Pandora?"

Gengo questioning Su-Na's stance on the E-Pandora Project.

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The Cost of Sacrifice I
Volume 9, Chapter 59
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Translation Compensation for the Sacrifices - Part 1
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The Cost of Sacrifice II

The Cost of Sacrifice I is the fifty-ninth chapter of the Freezing series, final chapter of Volume 9 and eighth chapter of the E-Pandora Project Arc.


The results of MARK III are broadcast to the public, showing Jina matching a Pandora with her new strength, but Gengo Aoi and Su-Na Lee are not sold on the seemingly positive results. Later, Jina begins suffering from the side-effects of MARK IV which nearly kills her until she regresses into Nova Form.


Footage of Jina Purpleton fighting and being on par with a real Pandora is broadcast to the public. Gina is shown to be able to fully materialize a Volt Weapon and her skills are above that of a regular human. Gengo Aoi and Su-Na Lee watch the news. Su-Na has does not support the project and firmly believes that ordinary people can never become Pandora.

Rattle and Amelia Evans are excited over Jina's new power as an E-Pandora. While Rana Linchen, Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi are impressed, a few Pandora are skeptical about it and poke fun at the E-Pandora. Roxanne Elipton quickly scolds them and tells them "not to bully the Freshmen". She playfully slaps their butts and sends them off to train.

Marks Spencer is informed that Gina's demonstration has started to gain the public's support however Gina's vitals are dropping and her Stigmata is starting to become active and are eating into her human tissue. Marks orders to continue the experiment and keep Jina alive long enough to present two more demonstrations.

Jina is experiencing pain and convulsions. But in spite of that, Jina bears with it. She thanks Scarlett Ohara for allowing her to break free of her stupid life and is determined to make their project a success and show the world what they can do. This only serves to put a strain on Scarlett's conscience. Three days later, with Amelia and Rattle starting to wonder about Gina, the said E-Pandora has become delirious and her chances of survival have become zero. Jina undergoes Novafication and the euthanasia protocols fail. In her last moments of humanity, Jina desires to see her friends. An explosion occurs and gains the attention of several Pandora's and Limiters in the base. An infuriated Marks Spencer orders to send high-ranking Pandora's to subdue Jina while all others are put on stand-by. Marks then wonders if they still haven't fully understood Maria Lancelot's genetic map.

An alarm is sounded. Gina breaks through the wall of the E-Pandora's quarters.

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