"Mark IV was... all a big lie..."

A Novafied Jina manages to tell Amelia the truth.

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The Cost of Sacrifice II
Volume 10, Chapter 60
Chapter 60
Translation Compensation for the Sacrifices - Part 2
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The Cost of Sacrifice II is the sixtieth chapter of the Freezing series, first chapter of Volume 10 and ninth chapter of the E-Pandora Project Arc.


Jina Purpleton has regressed into Nova Form and she storms through the base to inform Amelia Evans that MARK IV was a lie. Before they could talk, Elizabeth Mably and André Francoise interfere and Elizabeth battles Jina. Elizabeth could have killed Jina but she is distracted by Amelia, allowing Jina to nearly deal the killing blow until Charles Bonaparte arrives to battle Jina.


A Nova-lized Jina Purpleton bursts through a wall, looking for Amelia Evans. When her friend calls out to her Gina, stumbles to say the words "Mark IV." When Amelia tries to understand, a laser blast separates the two. Elizabeth Mably reveals herself with her Volt Weapon deployed and André Françoise by her side. Elizabeth demands Amelia step aside while she fulfills her order to eliminate the Nova. Amelia tells Elizabeth that Gina is still conscious, surprising Elizabeth.

At the sense of danger, Jina jumps over Amelia and converts her arm into a sword. Jina pounces on Elizabeth, and the West Genetics Pandora generates a shield that blocks Jina's arm. However, Jina's might is too strong and Elizabeth's shield shatters. Jina though only scratches Elizabeth's face as she performs an Accel to get away. Jina performs her own Accel, much faster than Elizabeth's. It gets in front of her and attacks, while Elizabeth comment on Jina's incredible speed and power.

Jina slices through Elizabeth's SSS Volt Weapon. She falls back and reforges her weapon, certain that she cannot hold back. Elizabeth transitions into a Tempest Turn of two copies. Elizabeth fires five lasers from her weapon. Jina withstands the attack virtually unharmed, but Elizabeth accelerates behind Jina with her Volt Weapon at the E-Pandora's heart, ready to deal the killing blow. Amelia screams for Elizabeth to stop. As a result, Elizabeth hesitates, being distracted. Jina then accelerates and slashes Elizabeth's back after getting behind her.

Andre performs a Freezing, but Jina effortlessly shatters it. When Jina moves to pierce Elizabeth, Amelia jumps in front and takes the attack, her shoulder now oozing blood. Amelia promises Gina she'll protect her. Calmed, Jina struggles to say "Mark IV was all a big lie," surprising the E-Pandora and Elizabeth. Before Gina could say more, Charles Bonaparte arrives and blind-sides Jina with a diving kick.

After Charles belittles Elizabeth's High End Skills, Jina attacks the French Pandora with her sword arm. In response, Charles performs her signature Typhon Tempest. She generates eight copies of herself and readies to battle Jina.

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  • Début of the Typhon Tempest.

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