"I see... Even if she'll bend her personal pride, she won't bend her pride as my senior."

Satellizer L. Bridget on Elizabeth Mably's pride.

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Volume 10, Chapter 64
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Translation Resolve
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Resolve is the sixty-fourth chapter of the Freezing series, fifth chapter of Volume 10 and thirteenth chapter of the E-Pandora Project Arc.


Marks Spencer orders the elimination of he E-Pandora. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is unable to put aside her values and reports to her father on the project and its questionable ethics.


In their meeting room, the other heads of the E-Pandora Project discuss their problems which involve their inability to hide any future failures, the growing distrust of the E-Pandora, the Pandora and some of the scientists and the risk of the E-Pandora rebelling. Marks Spencer then silences them. With the second generation recruits of the E-Pandora ready, Marks orders the elimination of the first generation E-Pandora.

Meanwhile Elizabeth Mably tells André Françoise her intentions of exposing the truth of the E-Pandora Project to the public, in order to avoid any more unnecessary sacrifices of the E-Pandora's. She has already 'leaked' some information to the Mably Family and has asked assistance from them. But André reminds her that her actions can be considered treason and with the power the Chevalier holds, it will not be easy to take them on. But Elizabeth is unwavering. Being taught the "Noblesse Oblige" by her father which is to expose one's self to danger in order to protect those who are weaker, Elizabeth refuses to stand down. She gives André a chance to back out but André, being the loyal Limiter that he is, refuses.

In London, Christopher Mably is being pressured by his advisers not to go against the Chevalier, considering the Chevalier is the most powerful organization in the world and is responsible for uniting the the governments of the world to fight against the Nova. Christopher Mably does take that into consideration their warnings but he trusts his daughter's report and cannot also back down from his belief of "Noblesse Oblige." So regardless of having no profitable benefit to the Mably company, Christopher decides to go against the Chevalier.

Enlisting the help of Senator Samuel Adams (a member of the Democrat Liberal Party) in Manhattan, US, the Mably Family can present their case. Christopher gives his thanks to Samuel. The Senator can help but acknowledge Elizabeth for her work.

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