"Do you think a mere Pandora like you... has the right to question decisions of the Chevalier?"

Spencer mocks Elizabeth after catching her leaking information.

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Volume 10, Chapter 65
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Impasse is the sixty-fifth chapter of the Freezing series, sixth chapter of Volume 10 and fourteenth chapter of the E-Pandora Project Arc.


Elizabeth's actions against the Chevalier have been discovered. She has been accused of treason and is electrocuted. Meanwhile, the Mably is set up by the Chevalier in a scandal.


Elizabeth Mably is summoned to the office of Marks Spencer which is also occupied by four active duty Chevalier Pandora. Marks questions as to why a splendid Pandora like Elizabeth would go against the Chevalier. Realizing that she has been exposed, Elizabeth answers him that what they are doing is wrong. Marks deems Elizabeth's actions as an act of treason and has her endure torture via electric chair for three days. Despite warnings from scientists about the possible damage it could cause to Elizabeth, Marks has them continue, remarking that Pandora's are not so fragile.

Christopher Mably is shocked after being informed that an investigation had already been done and there is nothing wrong with the E-Pandora Project. He is also informed that the Democrats did not do anything and Senator Adams was forced to resign from supposedly personal matter.

Meanwhile André Françoise meets with Chiffon Fairchild and Eugene in the cafeteria. The two ask André about Elizabeth. They are told by André that Elizabeth was summoned by the Chevalier. But after three days, André demands to know where Elizabeth is. The Chevalier Pandora order him to stop otherwise, he will be subjected to disciplinary punishment. André would have certainly continued but Eugene stops him.

Later, Elizabeth is escorted back to her room by two Chevalier Pandora. They inform André, Eugene and Chiffon that Elizabeth is under an additional three days' worth of house arrest. When André tries to tend to her, she slaps his hand away, shocking both André and Eugene and causing Chiffon's smile to drop; Chiffon knew what would happen to Elizabeth if she acted on her doubts. André tries desperately to get Elizabeth to act normal.

Later, Amelia Evans is informed by her friend, another E-Pandora, that the Mably Family has become a source of controversy and is being accused of multiple crimes. André sees through the scandal and knows that everything being set against the Mably Family is the work of the Chevalier as retaliation for the Mably Family's attempt to go against them.

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