"I'll put it all on the line... to prove my Lady's justice is right!"

Andre declaring his determination to defeat Charles.

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Condition for Victory
Volume 12, Chapter 76
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Translation Condition for Victory
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Condition for Victory is the seventy-sixth chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 12 and ninth chapter of the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc.


With an Omnidiectional Freezing from André Francoise, Charles Bonaparte is held in place, allowing Elizabeth Mably to a concentrated beam of power from her SSS weapon. Elizabeth subsequently defeats Charles.


André Françoise is determined to see Elizabeth Mably win and prove that she is right. He motivates her and encourages her to continue. He unleashes a powerful Omnidirectional Freezing which 'freezes' Charles Bonaparte. He tells Elizabeth "Stand up, Elizabeth. You are not wrong at all. Don't listen to those who think they've already won." André is more than willing to give his life for Elizabeth and her cause.

Elizabeth Mably, at long last, stands up, agreeing with everything André has told her, her will to win as strong as Satellizer L. Bridget's. André's sight starts blurring but he continues to use his Freezing. His eyes begin to bleed, but he can still see the woman he's dedicated his life shining so beautifully in combat. Elizabeth begins her counter-attack, but Charles still has her shield which block all of Elizabeth's lasers. Charles orders Citroen to use his Freezing. That combined with her Pandora Mode, she breaks free from André's Omnidirectional Freezing. She impales Elizabeth but it proves to be at Elizabeth's advantage. Elizabeth orders André to hold his Freezing for 30 seconds. André strengthens his Omnidirectional Freezing. It renders Citroen's Freezing useless. Citroen is overwhelmed and is forced to the ground.

Charles warns Elizabeth that if Andre continues, he will die. Charles may still be in Pandora Mode, but without her copies and with her 'frozen' at point blank range, she's just a big targer. Elizabeth prepares to use her most powerful which needs 30 seconds to charge. Charles has had enough, but Elizabeth fires her most powerful attack, Volt Longinus which is ten times stronger than her regular laser. It penetrates through Charles's barrier and fatally wounds her on her stomach.

Elizabeth may have risked André's life and Charles was risking her life for her father. But Elizabeth tells her whether or not she is risking her life, Charles would still not be able to beat her, for true victory belongs to the righteous. Charles Bonaparte collapses to the ground. "And that's why," Elizabeth continued, "someone as strong as you, can lose to someone as weak as me."

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