"That they were about to be... hunted by Chiffon."

Satellizer sensing Chiffon's intent.

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Monster II
Volume 12, Chapter 79
Chapter 079 Cover
Translation Monster - Part 2
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Existence That Cannot Be Allowed

Monster II is the seventy-ninth chapter of the Freezing series, seventh chapter of Volume 12 and twelfth chapter of the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc.


Rana and Satellizer viciously assault Chiffon, but at the end of it all, Chiffon emerges unscathed and rips off Rana's arms.


Satellizer and Rana continue their battle with Chiffon. Satellizer strikes Chiffon's gauntlet with Nova Blood, but it shatters. She looks into Chiffon's closed smiling eyes, believing she'll be her prey, but Rana is burning with confidence. Rana jumps flips and smashes the ground with her feet, trying to strike Chiffon. Chiffon puts up her gauntlets as Rana deals a powerful punch, that nearly knocks the Monster off her feet. Rana buries her fists in Chiffon's face three more times before pushing her Stigmata even further. Rana multiplies her flurry of punches thrusting her into the wall. Satellizer performs a 3x Accel-Tempest and forms her blade in both hands, dealing a rapid series of blows that sends Chiffon crashing through the wall. Rana performs a Tempest Turn, generating four copies that pound Chiffon even more. When the president is forced onto the ground, Rana plants her fist into Chiffon's face, chest, stomach and legs. Rana makes good on her promise and buries Chiffon with a Quadruple Burning Fang. Eugene, Chiffon's Limiter, does not even give a look of concern or worry. Chiffon speaks from beneath the rubble surprising Rana and Satellizer. Chiffon's claws burst from the ground and promptly rip off Rana's arms. Chiffon calls Rana and Satellizer the true monsters, for they shouldn't even be defined as Pandora.

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