"My sin... will never be forgiven for all eternity, will it..."

Scarlett muses on the totality of her wrong-doing.

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An Unforgivable Existence
Volume 12, Chapter 80
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Translation An Unforgivable Existence
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An Unforgivable Existence is the eightieth chapter of the Freezing series, final chapter of Volume 12 and thirteenth chapter of the E-Pandora Rebellion Arc.


Amelia Evans continues to Scarlett Ohara's lab, neutralizing a Chevalier Pandora, after regressing further into Nova Form. Meanwhile, Chiffon Fairchild has defeated both Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen.


Amelia Evans reaches the office of Dr. Scarlett Ohara and she starts coughing blood. She is confronted by Chevalier Annie and Bentley. With the Mark IV causing her Novafication, Amelia enters her Nova Form.

Chiffon Fairchild holds the skull of Satellizer L. Bridget, bloodied and beaten, in her gauntlet bashed against a wall. She lets go and Satellizer slumps to the ground unconscious. Chiffon turns her attention to a barely conscious Rana Linchen, who is coughing and unable to stand. Eugene believes Chiffon has done enough, but the victorious Pandora just asks Eugene if he felt the presence of a Nova.

Amelia clashes with Annie. Bentley uses his Freezing, but it no longer affects Amelia and she easily subdues him. Annie, enraged by what Amelia has done to her partner, attacks Amelia with a Triple Accel, sending her crashing through a wall. But Annie inadvertently pushes herself onto Amelia's lance results in Amelia stabbing her at her heart. Before Annie dies or loses consciousness, she alerts reinforcements that they are dealing with a Nova.

In Ohara's office, Amelia's body is starting to weaken but remembering her friends keeps her going. Amelia rummages through Scarlett's belongings looking for her diary but she sees another door she had not noticed. Scarlett stands in another lab lamenting on her abandonment of scientific ethics to execute her goals. She stares at several tubes that contain girls. Amelia barges in to Scarlett's secret lab where she finds Scarlett who has been waiting for her. But not only does Amelia find Scarlett, she also finds her secret experiments: the Type-Maria clones.

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