"This is just the kind of gift I'd expect from you... Ohara-kun..."

Gengo on the outbreak of the 11th Nova Clash.

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Resonance II
Volume 13, Chapter 83
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Translation Resonance - Part 2
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Resonance II is the eighty-fourth chapter of the Freezing series, third chapter of Volume 13 and second chapter of the 11th Nova Clash Arc.


Amelia Evans' Novalization causes two Chevalier Pandora to Novalize as well. One Type-S, and another unknown type origin. Aoi Gengo and several Chevalier arrive at Marks Spencer's command center and assume control of Alaska Base operations. As Chiffon's battle against Rana and Satellizer continues, Satellizer manages to pierce Chiffon.


Roxanne Elipton realizes what the psychic signals are trying to do. She slaps her friend, an unnamed Pandora, who is beginning to fall under its effect, in order to get her to focus. Roxanne warns that since the base has so many Pandora's with high compatibility rates, the situation is not good. Her words proving to be true and adding to the trouble, Amelia Evans resonates with two Chevalier Pandora's; Lieutenant Barret Osborne and Linda. They completely transform into Nova; one Type-S and a different unknown Type Nova.

Dr. Gengo Aoi arrives at the base's Command Center with his investigation team including Su-Na Lee, Louis L. Bridget and Holly Rose. Gengo reveals to Under-Secretary Marks Spencer that the Nova attacking them now is a result of their experiments, not from another dimension. Gengo has the Pandora under his command take over the Command Center.

Louis and Holly detain Marks, who was clearly not expecting the L. Bridget family to get involved as he was under the impression that they agreed with what he was doing. However, Louis tells him "You're not wrong. The L. Bridget family is exactly as you imagined. It's just that... there's a certain father... who lives to cause us problems."

Meanwhile, Rana Linchen and Satellizer L. Bridget attack Chiffon Fairchild with such power that shatters the defenses they were once unable to scratch. Rana summons eight copies of herself with the Tempest Turn and surrounds Chiffon. The President with the Illusion Turn, but she her chest is ultimately pierced by Satellizer L. Bridget.

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