"It's the ultimate communication ability that allows you to synchronize people's hearts!"

Eugene on the true nature of Freezing.

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Connected Hearts
Volume 13, Chapter 84
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Translation Connected Hearts
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Connected Hearts is the eighty-fifth chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 13 and third chapter of the 11th Nova Clash Arc.


Eugene and Chiffon Fairchild hold off Satellizer L. Bridget's and Rana Linchen's combination while Kazuya Aoi tries to awaken them. As, Kazuya's word are unable to reach them, he tries to communicate with them using Freezing on the advice of Eugene.


Satellizer L. Bridget is able to stab Chiffon Fairchild through her chest. Kazuya Aoi fears Satellizer pierced Chiffon in her heart and he uses his Freezing to Satellizer and force Rana Linchen to her knees, but he also 'freezes' Chiffon. Eugene instructs Kazuya to disengage his Freezing after Eugene establishes his own. Their priority is to free Chiffon. Kazuya understands the limitations of other Limiters' normal Freezing, but Eugene says that he can freeze two Nova Form Pandora for he knows the true meaning of Freezing. Chiffon and Eugene establish their Ereinbar Set. Eugene releases an Omnidirectional Freezing while Kazuya stops his. Chiffon escapes but Eugene's Freezing does not hold up long and Satellizer and Rana resume the fight. Chiffon defends against her enemy's powerful blows, but her once unstoppable defenses are being shattered. She fears that she will have to fight seriously in order to stop her underclassman. Kazuya fears for Chiffon's life, but Eugene says that Chiffon is the one who will kill them. Eugene explains that there is no other Pandora like Chiffon, and she can defeat any opponent even in Nova Form. Kazuya pleads for Satellizer and Rana to stop but Eugene tells him that their minds have sunk to the bottom of their consciousness. Eugene reveals the truth about Freezing as an advance means of communication which allows minds to synchronize far better than an Ereinbar Set. Although Kazuya does not understand a word which Eugene has just told him, under his senior's guidance, he uses his Omnidirectional Freezing. Everyone in Kazuya's vicinity freezes and manages to enter their subconscious.

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