"How the hell are you alone!? Huh!?"

Rana's fury at Satellizer's weak heart.

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The Depths of One's Memory
Volume 13, Chapter 85
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Translation The Depths of One's Memory
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The Depths of One's Memory is the eighty-fifth chapter of the Freezing series, fifth chapter of Volume 13 and fourth chapter of the 11th Nova Clash Arc.


While using Freezing to communicate, Kazuya manages to help Satellizer and Rana regain consciousness. Meanwhile the other Pandora's try to fight the three Novas, although by their analysis with their current forces they would be able to defeat only two of these.


Having used his Omnidirectional Freezing, Kazuya Aoi sees his parents based on his memories as well as his sister, Kazuha Aoi. He remembers how sad he was when she died. Kazuya then finds Rana, who resues Kazuya from his sadness. They encounter Satellizer L. Bridget's memories and her sadness regarding her mother. In her grief and sorrow, Satellizer is unwilling to accept their help. However, Rana Linchen yells at her and talks some sense into her. After Rana makes one last comment about how Satellizer will end up being the second wife, Satellizer smiles and their minds are restored. Eugene congratulates Kazuya afterwards.

The girls question their messy appearance. Chiffon Fairchild explains that their bleeding stopped while in Nova Form, so their lives are no longer in any danger. Chiffon still looks a bit like a monster. She's been beaten a little but her gauntlet took the worse beating. Rana believes someone beat her first, leaving Chiffon a little upset they cannot remember that they were the ones who attacked her. But Kazuya saved them. Despite being armless, Rana is just as energetic and starts a small fight with Satellizer. Chiffon draws them to the situation at hand. Normally she'd send them to the recovery room, but now there are three Nova and they need as much help as they can get.

The Chevalier Pandora forces suffer great difficulty in dealing with the Nova. At the Command Center, Su-Na Lee takes control of the Genetics Limiters and Pandora.

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