"So lets skip the small talk... and get right down to bashing each other's faces in!"

Arnett as she charges against Ticy.

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A Time For Change III
Volume 14, Chapter 95
Chapter 095 Cover
Kana 変革の時 III
Romaji Henkaku no toki III
Translation A Time For Change - Part 3
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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A Time For Change III is the ninety-fifth chapter of the Freezing series, seventh chapter of Volume 14 and final chapter of the Student Presidency Duel Arc.


After a short battle, Ticy Phenyl defeats Arnett McMillan with the Illusion Turn and becomes the new student council president of West Genetics.


The West Genetics student body is shocked to see Ticy Phenyl's new appearance resembling her deceased best friend. She looks like a completely different person, Satellizer did not realize Chiffon Fairchild was this important to her. Arnett McMillan flinches at Ticy's new look but she quickly regains her composure and prepares to fight. Sister Margaret officially starts the battle.

Arnett knows Ticy will not be easy to defeat, but she cuts the chatter and prepares to attack. She débuts her No-Interval Triple-Accel to end the battle with a single frontal attack. Ticy's dynamic vision easily sees through the attack and she effortlessly repels it with her sword and incredible reflexes despite such a large weapon. Ticy's attack flips Arnett onto her back and slices through her scythe. Arnett admits Ticy being no easy opponent, but regroups to attack again. She speeds around an unmoving Ticy and she is determined to get through her defenses. Arnett's face slightly fractures as she utilizes Satellizer L. Bridget's Accel-Tempest to the surprise of many. Ticy, however, vanishes before the attack can connect. After Ticy disappears and reappears four times, Arnett states she cannot follow her rival's movements. Everyone slowly deduces that Ticy is teleporting after realizing she's not using an Accel. By the time Arnett deduces that Ticy is using the Illusion Turn, the Hitman bashes her Volt Weapon aside Arnett's head, flipping Arnett with incredible force and having her crash on the ground and knocked unconscious. Before she struck the ground, Arnett had lightly smiled, admitting she was not match for Ticy. It all happened so fast. The audience begins murmuring at Ticy's power while the Finnish Pandora plants her blade into the ground. The battle is over is declared the winner, the new Student Council President, and West Genetics' newest Rank #1.

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