"So these are the Valkyries...?"

Satellizer musing on the incredible performance of the Valkyries.

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Valkyries is the ninety-ninth chapter of the Freezing series, third chapter of Volume 15 and the third chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.

Title NotesEdit

The Valkyries are newly implemented Anti-Nova super-soldiers, trained to combat alongside the Pandora without the corrosive side-effects of Stigmata. Incompatible with regular stigmata, the Valkyries are normal yet rigorously trained girls who utilize the time-limited Injection Stigmata.


The Valkyrie exposition at West Genetics continues and the five girls prove capable of matching the Pandora skill for skill against a Type-S dummy Nova, but the girls demonstrate unique capabilities of their own as a collective, such as being able to descend to the ground by manipulating the gravity around them. The Genetics cadets are in awe, but Satellizer notes one Valkyrie who had not moved since the exposition began.


The Valkyries descend from a helicopter. The West Genetics student body worry's if the girls will crash by descending from such heights without equipment. However, the five masked girls activate the "Valkyrie Scud," which deploys four small wings about the Valkyrie's skirts, allowing them to safely glide to the ground.

Seiga Heavy Industries activates the Type-S dummy Nova as the girls descend. The fake beast releases a powerful air blast and Arnett assumes the girls will be repelled by the wind force. However, "Valkyrie Scud" keeps the Valkyries safely aloft, able to manipulate the gravity aground them.

The students become frightened when they realize the Seiga company is able to replicate the Nova's particle beam. The blast seemingly fires at the students, but one of the Valkyries, a girl with twin braids summons her Valuable Weapon, "Anti-Nova". Instead of the large gauntlet with shield that Chiffon assumed, the Valkyrie wield a hand-crafted variation by Gengo Aoi that consists of large arm paddles and boots that allows the Valkyrie to levitate. The girl raises her right arm and generates a shield that neutralizes the particle cannon completely. The academy looks on in awe.

The Nova then deploy's it's whips. Two more Valkyries join the fight, summoning their Type-SSS and gauntlet Valuable Weapon. The gauntlet-wielding Valkyrie punches one of the whips, deflecting it. The other dodges the whips and performs a "Tachyon Accel," an Accel Turn that does not have have any natural breaks. She accelerates behind the Nova, but leaves her weapon, a set of four levitating ringed orbs, thus being able to move independently of her Type-SSS, an ability unheard of for Pandora. The orbs release thin lasers, striking the Nova.

Satellizer L. Bridget stands curious about these Valkyries. A suddenly surprised Satellizer looks to one of them, a girl with black hair holding a slightly sheathed mid-handled blade. She has not moved since the simulation started.

Event notesEdit

  • The Valkyrie début continues, and the four girls demonstrate their incredible abilities against Type-S Dummy Nova.

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