"For the Aoi and Tenjouin households, as well as all those involved with the Nova...Aoi Gengo's words are absolute."

Ouka speaking of Gengo's dominion over them all.

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Ouka Tenjouin
Volume 15, Chapter 102
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Translation Ouka Tenjouin
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Ouka Tenjouin is the one-hundred second chapter of the Freezing series, sixth chapter of Volume 15 and the sixth chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.

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Ouka Tenjouin is the leader of the Valkyries and a new major recurring character, who will prove to be a love rival against Satellizer and Rana for Kazuya's affection, this as she is introduced as Kazuya's fiancée. 


After Ouka reveals her status as Kazuya's fiancée, Kazuya immediately rejects the claim, leading to an argument between the cousins. Their argument is stopped when Yu-Mi arrives and informs the eight of them as members of Platoon 13, who are later joined by Roxanne Elipton, Charles Bonaparte, and Cassie Lockheart with their Limiters Shi-Jing Hong, Citroen, and Kyoichi Minase, led by enthusiastic USA Chevalier Pandora Su-Na Lee.


Continuing from the previous chapter, Ouka Tenjouin, leader of the Valkyries expresses that she is Kazuya's fiancée, leaving Satellizer and Rana stunned. Rana tries to rationalize the situation, and Ouka tells Rana to stay away from her future husband. Satellizer wants Kazuya to speak up. He does and Kazuya states he will not be his grandfather's puppet like his sister. Ouka corrects Kazuya; she states that Gengo ordered his granddaughter to flee, but she chose to stand and fight alone, choosing to die as a Pandora. But it does not matter, since Gengo's word is law. As an L. Bridget, Satellizer does that very well.

Kazuya is still obstinate, only wanting to marry whom he loves, not by some arrangement. Ouka is visibly offended since she loves Kazuya. Ouka makes her declaration clear and orders her cousin to stay away from Rana and Satellizer. When the pair are about to respond, Yu-Mi Kim arrives in the stadium with two of her colleagues. She explains that the Valkyries, Rana, Satellizer, and Kazuya will be members of the new Platoon 13. Satellizer wonders about the juniors, but Yu-Mi has Satellizer and the others are noted upon an approaching helicopter.

The helicopter lands and reveals it's passengers Cassie Lockheart, Charles Bonaparte, and Roxanne Elipton with their respective Limiters: Kyoichi Minase, Citroen, and Shi-Jing Hong. The six of them have come to join Platoon 13 as the other Pandora-Limiter representatives. Lastly, Yu-Mi introduces Su-Na Lee, who will be the leader of the new Anti-Nova strike-force.

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