"It's the way humans were meant to be."

Ouka's opinion on the sanctity of marriage.

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Platoon 13
Volume 15, Chapter 103
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Platoon 13 is the one-hundred third chapter of the Freezing series, seventh chapter of Volume 15 and the seventh chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.

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Platoon 13 is a new Anti-Nova strike-force, designed to combine the current Pandora-Limiter teams with the newly introduced Valkyrie system.


Continuing from the previous chapter, Platoon 13 is formed, consisting of the Valkyries, three of the world-ranked Pandora, Rana, Satellizer, and their Limiters and led by Su-Na Lee. When Su-Na dismisses the platoon for the day, a lack of unity quickly becomes evident as the Valkyries don't want to associate with the Pandora while Charles excuses herself as well. Later, Ouka confronts Kazuha and Satellizer on their relationship, leading to another verbal smackdown between the cousins.


Platoon 13 is formed with Su-Na Lee as it's commander. She welcomes the Valkyries, Pandora, and Limiters to the new, permanent team that will act as the main Pandora/Valkyrie combat force. She gives the cadets the rest of the day off before they start training.

The cadets head to the cafeteria, where Roxanne and Cassie, as world ranked Pandora, are highly admired by others. The Pandora begin to catch-up when Shi-Jing Hong comes to Roxanne, stating the Valkyries do not want to be bothered with them, so does Charles who silently escorts herself away.

Satellizer and Kazuya share a walk across the school, and Kazuya wonders if Satella is still angry with him. Satellizer, who has completely forgotten, denies her anger. She then blushes when Kazuya says he loves her. Ouka then presents herself in front of them, cutting their love scene short. She apologizes for her rudeness earlier, having discovered that Kazuya and Satellizer are not an official pair. Therefore, she advises the two to stop seeing each other and being friends. Kazuya and Ouka quickly get into another argument about their arranged marriage, but Ouka has him submit by bringing up humiliating experiences from Kazuya's childhood. Ouka then explodes that an Aoi and L. Bridget cannot get married because that too is Gengo's will. Kazuya pecks at Ouka's arguments because they are all tied to his grandfather. He realizes that Ouka does not like Satellizer because she is jealous of her relationship with Kazuya.

In a city bar, Su-Na and Yu-Mi reconnect with a drink, and Su-Na indicates that Gengo has returned to Japan.

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