"Looks like my little push worked out well. All according to plan."

Gengo as he watches Kazuya bid Satellizer farewell.

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A Grandfather's Thoughts
Volume 16, Chapter 108
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A Grandfather's Thoughts is the one-hundred eighth chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 16 and twelfth chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.


Charles has been detained for her actions against Attia Simmons, and Team Arnett must wait to move until she is released. Satellizer meets Gengo Aoi, who knows much about her and approves of her relationship to Kazuya.


Charles Bonaparte has been detained for two days due to her brutal attack against Attia Simmons. Christine arrogantly undermines the Pandora System as a result of Charles' actions and suggests that the Valkyries have been activated in order to replace Pandora. Roxanne orders Christine to shut her mouth or they will have a fight, which Christine is ready to have, but they are stopped by Cassie.

Kazuya excuses himself and Satellizer to talk alone despite the bad timing. To Satellizer's surprise, Gengo Aoi has requested to see the "Untouchable Queen" since she is Kazuya's "official" partner. As a Pandora, Satellizer is naturally excited.

Creo, Ingrid, and Arnett discuss Charles' detainment and a heated Creo want to attack Charles immediately. Arnett stops Creo, saying they must wait. Ingrid solemnly watches Arnett stare out of a window, remarking that Arnett has not had any water.

Kazuya and Satellizer are seen standing outside Gengo's home, a fidgety Satellizer very nervous, but Kazuya assures her to be the most beautiful woman in the world. They step inside and sit themselves before the esteemed doctor while Su-Na prepares dinner. Gengo reveals that the Chevalier's strongest Pandora works for him as a house maid when she's off-duty. He then comments on Satellizer's puppy-like appearance, admitting that he was expecting a fox. Gengo begins to explain his unusual relationship with her father Howard as well as his opinion of her sister Violet. Ultimately, Satellizer is most like her gentle real mother, Noelle Alongrutch, not the "arrogant" Olivia. Therefore, Gengo knows about Satellizer's history, which makes the Pandora insecure. Gengo asks if Kazuya knew about the L. Bridget's illegitimate daughter, and Kazuya indicates that he knows but does not care. Gengo guesses that Kazuya wants Satellizer for her chest. Both teenagers are embarrassed and Kazuya wants to storm out, but Su-Na has dinner prepared.

After dinner, Kazuya escorts Satellizer to the subway, so she can go back to Genetics since Gengo has asked his son to stay the night. Satellizer expresses her joy having met the progenitor of Project Pandora and hopes to meet him again. Back at his home, Gengo hopes his "plan" brought the pair closer together.

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