"You'll understand one day too... just how great your grandfather really is..."

Su-Na's confidence in a reconciliation between Kazuya and Gengo.

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Old Memories
Volume 16, Chapter 109
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Old Memories is the one-hundred ninth chapter of the Freezing series, fifth chapter of Volume 16 and thirteenth chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.


Gengo has Kazuya stay at his home for tonight and he discovers a little about Gengo's past through a picture forty years ago, which features Chiffon Fairchild with her eyes open and long hair. The next day, Charles is released from detainment, is approached by an angry Creo Brand and Ingrid Bernstein.


Kazuya returns to his grandfather's home and the old man unsuccessfully pressures his grandson to drink in his small library. However, Kazuya relays that he still hates Gengo for causing his sister's death. Upset that Kazuya is always against him, Gengo scarf's down a bottle. Kazuya worries for him, but Gengo reminds Kazuya he just said he hated his grandfather. In a drunken stupor, Gengo gets up and begins to leave but not before admitting to his grandchild that he hated himself for allowing Kazuha to die but he never regretted it. Gengo then stumbles to the floor, and a worried Su-Na helps him to bed.

Kazuya offers to clean the mess in the room and he comes across a photo album. He opens it, smiling at his relatives and the memories his grandfather has made. He then sees a picture of "Lab 13," a ripped picture of five women but still showing the heads of two, one that resembles Chiffon Fairchild with long hair and her signature ripped holding together a lock of hair. However, the picture dates forty years before the start of the series. Kazuya runs through the possibilities after he sees that the five women are Pandora, but suggests that they may not be human.

Kazuya is soon interrupted by Su-Na, who jests that Gengo's brain is made from materials probably very different from a regular person's brain. Kazuya soon leaves, and Su-Na believes Kazuya will realize how wonderful Gengo truly is.

Charles is released from her two-day detention, welcomed by Citroen and the other Pandora from Platoon 13. Roxanne knows Charles got off easy for being in the new platoon, causing Charles to walk away. However, Roxanne instructs Charles to apologize to the girl she attacked. Charles refuses, but two visibly hostile Pandora tells them that Charles does not have to apologize.


This chapter begin the sub-plot of Lab 13 and secrets of Project Pandora that lasts through the Busters Arc.

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