"Oh my, you really are short. I wonder what punishment I'll get for cutting you into even smaller pieces."

Arnett McMillan as she threatens Charles Bonaparte before they battle.

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A Risky Situation I
Volume 16, Chapter 110
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Translation A Risky Situation - Part 1
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A Risky Situation I is the one-hundred tenth chapter of the Freezing series, sixth chapter of Volume 16 and fourteenth chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ingrid and Creo attack world-ranked Pandora Roxanne and Cassie when they try to interfere with their revenge against Charles for her attack on Attia. A visibly furious Arnett dispatches the world-ranked Pandora and accelerates her way to Charles. After the two girls exchange insults and threats, they begin a vicious duel, who is interrupted by Satellizer.

Summary[edit | edit source]

An enraged Ingrid Bernstein and Creo Brand approach Charles Bonaparte moments after she was released from detainment. They ask her if she insulted Elizabeth Mably by calling her a traitor. Seeing in the hate in their eyes, Roxanne Elipton tries to prevent any confrontation, but an audacious Charles replies that she did call Elizabeth a traitor, also adding that Elizabeth should not be trusted. Ingrid and Creo promptly summon their Volt Weapons, preparing to attack Charles.

Roxanne aims for a peaceful solution, but she is met with a jab from Creo's Infinity Fang. Roxanne quickly tips herself back, dodging the brunt force of such a heavy strike, but her cheek is cut. Ingrid then launches an attack on Roxanne, but Cassie accelerates to her team mate's back and block's Ingrid's weapon with Falchion.

Arnett McMillan slowly walks in on the small fights and adds more hatred onto the hostile atmosphere. With each step, she indicates that Attia is a motor-mouth, unmatched in verbal combat and Charles must have been absolutely defeated or Attia at least hit a raw nerve. Satellizer fears the psychotic glare in Arnett's eyes. Roxanne tries to reason with Arnett, but the "Mad Dog" is beyond words. She jabs Roxanne in the gut with the blunt end of her Volt Weapon. She then vanishes and surprises the "Godspeed of the East" with a strike from her scythe. Arnett accelerates one more time and she towers over the diminutive Charles Bonaparte.

The "Mad Dog" wonders how many days of confinement she'll get for cutting Charles into smaller pieces. Charles allows Elizabeth's pawn a try, and the Pandora enter a contest of Accel and Tempest Turn. Arnett takes off with an Accel, and Charles summons four copies of herself. Arnett strikes each of Charles' clones with her impressive Accel. From two directions, Arnett attacks a surprised Charles, who narrowly evades by triggering her High End Skill. The girls then repel each other in a violent frontal attack.

Roxanne is amazed Arnett could deflect all of Charles' clones and even counter-attack. Charles is astonished that West Genetics has a Pandora that can keep up with her, meaning her "Typhoon Tempest" will not affect her. Both Pandora prepare to fight more seriously. Arnett readies her Accel-Tempest and Charles prepares her "Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata" Tempest variation. Suddenly, Satellizer steps between them.

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