"If Genetics is not able to punish her properly, then I'll do it myself."

Arnett McMillan declares her reason for fighting Charles.

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A Risky Situation II
Volume 16, Chapter 111
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Translation A Risky Situation - Part 2
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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A Risky Situation II is the one-hundred eleventh chapter of the Freezing series, seventh chapter of Volume 16 and fifteenth chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.


Satellizer L. Bridget stops Charles Bonaparte and Arnett McMillan from fighting, which results in Arnett threatening her. Arnett moves to attack Charles, but Satellizer keeps intercepting her. Arnett and Charles soon re-engage, however, until Ticy Phenyl arrives and stops the match for good.


Satellizer L. Bridget stands between Arnett McMillan from re-engaging Charles Bonaparte. Arnett demands the "Untouchable Queen" move, but Satellizer insists she stop fighting especially with Arnett's role as a leader within the academy. Arnett screams that her friend did not have a chance against a world-ranked Pandora. Even when victorious, Charles was abhorrent and cruel, but she received only forty-eight hours of isolation just because she is a member of Platoon 13. Arnett declares Charles did not receive a just punishment, so she will deliver Charles' proper punishment in Genetics' place.

Arnett directs her body-sized scythe to Satellizer's neck, promising to cut her down first if she continues to get in her way. Charles echoes that Satellizer get out of the way since she'll never earn her trust and she'll kill every Pandora from West Genetics. Arnett rages pass Satellizer with an Accel and prepares to attack. However, Satellizer is equally fast and prevents Arnett from attacking. Charles cheat shots a distracted Arnett with a diving kick. Arnett collects herself and reforges her Volt Weapon. She and Charles charge at each other at maximum speed until an unknown Pandora materializes between them and forcibly separates the combating enemies with palm thrusts to their faces.

Charles and Arnett are sent flying back, dropping their Volt Weapon and crashing on the ground. West Genetics Student Council President Ticy Phenyl now stands between Charles and Arnett stopping their fight permanently. Both Pandora stumble to their feet, Charles wondering who could stop them at their top speed while Arnett is outraged that her rival is interfering with her punishment. Ticy calmly explains that she is fully aware of the recent events and she has come to the plaza to stop Arnett from allowing Charles to provoke her. Charles summons her weapon against Ticy, who tells Charles to just stop. As president, Ticy is forced to abide by the judgement Charles received from West Genetics' administration. However, Ticy warns Charles that she will punish her personally if she causes anymore problems. An angry Charles fails to threaten Ticy, and Roxanne lightly restrains Charles, promising Ticy they will apologize to Attia later. Satellizer turns to Arnett who swats away her underclassman's hand. Arnett, Creo, and Ingrid leave the scene and Arnett expresses disappointment in her friend.

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