"We're all comrades who don't know when they'll be reduced to nothing by a pile of flesh and bone right? The onely ones who have our backs are us Pandora ourselves right?"

Roxanne Elipton to Charles Bonaparte.

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Translation Unsolicited
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Unsolicited is the one-hundred twelfth chapter of the Freezing series, final chapter of Volume 16 and sixteenth chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.


Roxanne talks to Charles about her emotions, inferiority complex, and recent actions, inappropriate for someone of her status and power. Charles is initially unreceptive until Roxanne points out that Pandora need to look out for each other, leaving Charles in tears. Meanwhile, Kazuya visits Satellizer when she thinks about the recent battle between Arnett and Charles.


At night, Roxanne and Charles share a soda and Roxanne pulls a prank on the French Pandora by handing her a shaken drink. Charles begins to get up, but Roxanne only did it to lighten the mood. After a few seconds, Roxanne questions Charles on her recent emotional outbursts. As world-class Pandora, Roxanne realizes they can rarely act on their emotions, but Charles indicates she's not had the life to accommodate such a skill. Still Roxanne finds Charles better than the little rich girls.

Roxanne correctly speculates that Charles became a Pandora for her father's sake. She explains that she does not bear any resentment toward Marks Spencer, for he was a man who gave orders and they, as Pandora, were to execute them. However, Pandora are left little autonomy based on those orders. Charles then wonders if they should become tragic princesses, but Roxanne tucks Charles into her chest and says that Pandora are girls who could die at any moment. Therefore, they need to look out for each other and they are the only ones who will.

Charles pushes away from Roxanne crying. She gets up and raises her voice, asking why Roxanne insists on caring about about her. Tears roll down Charles' eyes as she returns to her dorm, and Roxanne quietly states that Pandora need a reliable warrior like Charles.

The chapter cuts to Satellizer sitting in her room unable to sleep and thinking about her failed friendship with Arnett. Kazuya comes to visit her, offering Mably Champagne. They drink it together and Satellizer shares her feelings about Arnett. At the same time, Satellizer feels a connection with Charles since she was once like her. Satellizer hopes for a response from Kazuya but he just stares at her.

Kazuya states that he cannot think of a way to settle Charles and Arnett's feud, but he does not believe that Satellizer did anything wrong today. Satellizer gets up, feeling a little heated. She then excuses herself to take a shower.

Event notesEdit

  • Roxanne and Charles relationship is deepened.
  • Satellizer misses Arnett's friendship.
  • Kazuya cheers Satellizer up.

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