"You're looking pretty excited, aren't you?"

Rana Linchen as she sneaks up on Kazuya.

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Were You Waiting for Me?
Volume 17, Chapter 113
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Translation Were You Waiting for Me?
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Were You Waiting for Me? is the one-hundred thirteenth chapter of the Freezing series, first chapter of Volume 17 and seventeenth chapter of the Valkyrie Introduction Arc.


Satellizer and Kazuya attempt to have a moment of intimacy but they are stopped by Rana. Ouka begins to test her Plasma Textures.


Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi are alone in the former's room. After sharing some wine, Satellizer excuses herself to take a shower. A flustered Kazuya cannot help to think perverse thoughts when an unknown woman trespasses into Satellizer's room with some rope.

Satellizer looks herself in the mirror, resolved to give herself to Kazuya. Meanwhile, the unknown women is shown to be Rana Linchen based on her dialect and she has tied up Kazuya. Satella steps out of the bathroom and notices that the lights are off. She speaks to "Kazuya," who feigns nervousness by asking Satellizer to spin three times before they do anything. Satellizer complies, feeling a bit dizzy afterword. "Kazuya" then asks Satella to bark like a dog. When Satellizer does, "Kazuya" turns on the lights, showing that Rana has been making all of the demands while Kazuya fails to struggle out of the rope.

Satellizer is mortified, but Rana says Satella deserves punishment for taking the lead in her relationship with Kazuya. Rana pulls the truth from Satellizer, making her admit that she's forcing herself in order to one-up Ouka. Shouting, the girls resolve to overcome Kazuya's fiancée together.

Meanwhile, Ouka stands in the simulation center recalling Su-Na's words on the undeniable disparity between Pandora and Valkyries. To test that theory, Ouka faces a Type-S Nova in the simulation. She summons her Valuable Weapon and activates an unknown texture that neither she nor the rest of the Valkyries displayed during their début at West Genetics.

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