"Why is that dummy still moving?"

Atsuko Seiga pretends to be befuddled as a dummy Nova acts erratically.

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Joint Exercise II
Volume 17, Chapter 117
Chapter 117 Cover
Translation Joint Exercise - Part 2
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Joint Exercise II is the one-hundred seventeenth chapter of the Freezing series, fifth chapter of Volume 17 and first chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


The joint-training exercise begins with the Pandora divided into four teams and combating eight dummy Nova's. When one of the dummies are destroyed, it emits a strange sensation.


The West Genetics-Platoon 13 joint training exercise begins. Platoon 13 is led by Roxanne Elipton. West Genetics Team 1 is lead by Ticy Phenyl. Team 2 is lead by Arnett McMillan and Team 3 is lead by Miyabi Kannazuki. In the control center, scientists and investors hope for positive results from the Valkyries of Platoon 13 and Nobuhiro Seiga watches the exercise on a computer from his industry.

Arnett McMillan orders the decoys to spread out at they take on the dummy Nova. Creo and Ingrid have joined her ranks and they deflect the dummy's whips while Leo and Gorõ deploy a powerful Freezing. With the Nova's main core in sight, Arnett prepares an Accel determined to beat Platoon 13 during the exercise.

Miyabi's team faces a dummy Nova as well and they are astonished that the dummies can use the Nova's Particle Cannon though they are not fatal blasts. Atsuko Seiga explains to her selected audience that the dummies are equipped with six cores connected to the Faylan Generators. They can generate a Freezing field and fire energy beams. A man next to Gengo talks to him about Atsuko, proposing that Gengo might marry him to Atsuko. Gengo replies that his grandson is only fifteen, leading the man to suggest Kazuya marry the L. Bridget's daughter. Gengo knows that he'll have a strong ally through Kazuya, but believes that he cannot decide whom Kazuya marries.

Valkyrie Tiziana Ferrari acts as a decoy striking the Nova with her Type-SSS. The dummy battling Platoon 13 fires a particle cannon that Franka blocks with her Anti-Nova. Roxanne, Rana, Satellizer, and Charles help Tiziana act as decoys. When Rana and Satellizer are weighed by a Freezing, Kazuya negates it with his own, allowing the Pandora to push through and deflect more attacks. Cassie prepares to fulfill her role as the "Finisher" but Christine Evora stops her, arrogantly declaring that the Valkyries will be the ones who finish the Nova. Ouka prepares her blade and accelerates with Blood Strike, destroying the main core in a single attack.

Despite Ouka's clean hit, the dummy continues to move. Atsuko feigns worry as she turns to Gengo, hoping to see a reaction from a malfunction, but the sly old man is as indifferent as ever.

A mysterious glow begins to wrap around the dummy Nova until it is completely covered in the bright strange aura. Roxanne, Satellizer, and Rana recognize this reaction as the same phenomenon Chiffon caused in Alaska.


  • When Ouka Tenjouin destroys a dummy Nova's core, she uses her cousin's signature attack: "Blood Strike."

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