"This is what I fear most. What's the goal of my grandfather, of the man known as Gengo Aoi?"

Ouka Tenjouin guesses that the Valkyries and Pandora are part of a larger scheme.

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Volume 18, Chapter 121
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Plan is the one-hundred twenty-first chapter of the Freezing series, first chapter of Volume 18 and fifth chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


The Valkyries move to annihilate the dummy Nova, displaying much greater abilities then initially shown; however, real Nova begin to appear. Satellizer rises to keep fighting the illusion of Kazuha Aoi.


HQ connects to the Valkyries and repeats Gengo's order of eliminating the four dummy Nova, but they relay that the Valkyries have to handle the situation alone. Ouka asserts they can fight alone and destroy all of the fake Nova. Ouka disconnects and tells her Valkyrie compatriots they must be part of some grand plan, but they will execute their part perfectly.

Ouka performs a Tachyon Accel and rips off the Nova's arm with her weapon. She lands but jumps right back to attack, crumbling away the Nova with multi-directional attacks. Christine then charges in shattering the base of the Nova with merciless punches. Tiziana and Christine follow by linking their weapons and releasing a massive particle beam.

Still, the heavily damaged dummy continues to cry. The other dummies begin to cry as well, while continue to emit the same strange glow. At HQ, N1 codes appear across the large monitor, noting the appearance of real Nova, which Gengo casually remarks as a generational change.

The Pandora begin to Novalize, corrosion of each increasing to at least thirty percent. The Valkyries lament that their current abilities were not enough to destroy the one dummy before them. Ouka is updated on the developments from HQ and she simply asks if her comrades are ready while Franka reminds them that the Faylan Generators allow them to fight all full strength. The five girls deactivate their Volt Textures and bright white lines cover their bodies and weapons that also emit electricity. The Valkyries have activated their Plasma Textures, and HQ is alerted of the Valkyries' new textures.

Kazuya cries over a dying Satellizer, but she begins to move. Satellizer regenerates her right leg and begins to get up, declaring she will never lose.

Event NotesEdit

  • The dummy Nova evolve into real Nova emitting N1 codes across the training grounds.
  • The Valkyries activate their Plasma Textures.
  • Satellizer regenerates her leg and gets back up to fight.
  • The 12th Nova Clash has begun.

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