"That attitude of your's... is why people say you inherited your filthy mother's blood."

Phantom Kazuha taunting Satellizer.

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Volume 18, Chapter 122
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Translation Transcendence
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Transcendence is the one-hundred twenty-second chapter of the Freezing series, second chapter of Volume 18 and sixth chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Satellizer's enters Nova Form for the third time and regenerates her limbs to continue fighting the illusion of Kazuha Aoi. Meanwhile, Arnett regresses into Nova Form too to battle Charles and Roxanne. Arnett cuts off Charles right arm before the two girls engage in their second battle.


Satellizer regenerates her right leg and rises after being brutally struck down by Kazuha Aoi. When Satellizer chants that she'll never lose, her stigmata begin to consume her as she regresses into Nova Form. Terrified for Satella, Kazuya screams for Rana to help but he does not get an answer.

The illusion of Kazuha flickers before Satellizer, who begins to think about her family, whom she believes does not care about her, including her mother whom Satellizer believes left her alone by dying. Satella crouches, trapped by loneliness in her inner world, but Kazuya is her light that allows her stand. Suddenly, Kazuha enters her world and taunts Satellizer, enraging the L. Bridget so much she forces herself to regenerate her arm.

In Nova Form, Satellizer punches Kazuya with her superhuman strength, knocking him unconscious. Kazuha continues to berate Satellizer as a woman who will only make her brother unhappy. Kazuha points her sword at Satellizer's face again and ridicules Satellizer as a pathetic woman like her mother.

Arnett McMillan has also regressed into Nova Form, and she uses her Volt Weapon to attack Charles and Roxanne who narrowly dodge. Both girls struggle to effectively face Arnett while limiting the synchrony with their stigmata to avoid seeing hallucinations. When preparing a strategy, Arnett accelerates behind Charles. Charles turns around to react, but all she's actually seeing is Arnett's after-image. The "Slashing Trickster" has performed her unique Double Accel and she severs Charles her right arm from behind.

Arnett performs the same Accel on Roxanne. Arnett closes in, but the "Young Tempest Phoenix" intercepts Scythe Machina with Vibrato Hell from her only free hand. Their second fight begins. Charles immediately sends five copies of herself to battle Arnett. Charles relentlessly attacks, but Arnett is able to defend and counter-attack with her incredible Accel. Arnett soon transitions into Accel-Tempest. Roxanne orders Charles to lower her stigmatic synchrony or she'll succumb to the black smoke. However, Charles tells Roxanne to go hide since she can still handle Arnett even with one arm and five Tempest clones.

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