"I refuse... to let you die!"

Satellizer as she attempts to save Kazuya.

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With All Yourself

With All Yourself is the one-hundred twenty-fourth chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 18 and eighth chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Roxanne begins to battle Arnett and proves to be the superior opponent desire Arnett's Nova Form. Satellizer has pierced Kazuya and he risks dying. Desiring to save him more than anything, Satellizer achieves transcendence and revives Kazuya.


Having stopped Charles' fruitless battle with the Nova Form Arnett McMillan, Roxanne expresses her disappointment toward the magnitude of Arnett's ability. However, Charles cannot beat her, so "The Immortal" summons her Anti-Nova Volt Weapon, The Fairchild Buster, ready to combat Arnett.

Arnett dashes forth with an Accel, but she immediately switches into a 2x Accel-Tempest. Charles draws her weapon, shouting that Roxanne needs to step back. Roxanne relays that Arnett is not a match her for her. Arnett attacks Roxanne, but the American Pandora catches her scythe. Charles continues to shout that Roxanne should lower her synchrony, but Roxanne's body glows and she shatters Arnett Volt Weapon with only twenty percent of her full power.

Across the battlefield, the Valkyries are battling an Unknown-Type Nova. Franka's radar shows that another "cation" charge as been released, showing that another Plasma Texture has been activates. At headquarters, Gengo confirms that Genetics US has equipped Roxanne Elipton with Plasma Textures, actually surprising Gengo.

During the previous chapter, Satellizer pierced Kazuya's chest with the bottom end of her Volt Weapon. Kazuya is dying and Satellizer screams, also remembering her helpless during her mother's death. She screams that she'll do anything to save him. Satellizer prays she was stronger and her prayers reaches an unknown voice that tells to desire that strength with all her heart. The voice tells Satellizer she needs to transcend in mind and body and desire it.

Satellizer does not question the spirit. She immediately acts and presses her hands against Kazuya's chest. Satellizer's arms and hand glow with bright white lines scaling them. The lines reach the hole in Kazuya's chest. Kazuya's chest slowly heals, stopping the bleeding then regenerating the bones. Satellizer pushes to restore Kazuya's heartbeat. When she's about to give up, light orbs trickle around her and her Limiter. Shouting Kazuya's name, six beautiful wings long of light extend from Satellizer's back replacing her Nova Form spikes. The wings of light stabilize and Satellizer looks at their beauty astonished. She looks back at Kazuya and smiles as he opens his eyes.

Event NotesEdit

  • Roxanne Elipton battles Nova Form Arnett McMillan, and Roxanne is revealed to be equipped with Plasma Textures.
  • Satellizer exits Nova Form and achieves Transcendence. Satellizer heals Kazuya's deadly wound and revives him.


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