"Tell Attia Simmons... that I'm sorry."

Charles asks Arnett to deliver her dying message.

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Volume 19, Chapter 130
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Translation Courage
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Courage is the one-hundred thirtieth chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 19 and fourteenth chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Arnett awakens and rushes to Charles Bonaparte' aid as she loses another arm. Arnett fights three Humanoid Nova alone as Charles is captured. When Arnett is nearly killed, as assailant blows off one of the Nova's heads.

Summary Edit

In Arnett's unconsciousness, she thinks about her father. Arnett appears as her younger self crying to her father that she wants to go home, but the wise man tells her that she must keep fighting as a Pandora.

Arnett steadily regains consciousness and sees that she is becoming a Nova. She connects with Roxanne Elipton's spirit, who taunts her about Nova Form, calling her a weak spirit. Arnett denies such weakness and breaks the shackles of Nova Form, returning to her true self. Roxanne complements Arnett but tells her that her enemy Charles needs some help.

Arnett finally awakens against a rock to see a Nova approaching her. It is struck by an attack to stay away. The Nova presses on and attacks Arnett, but Charles uses her free hand to shield Arnett. With the Swiss Pandora conscious, Charles tells her to flee. Charles pushes away the Nova, but it punches back and breaks her leg. The Nova prepares to eat a stunned Arnett, but Charles pushes her out of the way. Charles is then caught in the jaws of the beast while a terrified Arnett looks on.

Arnett musters the courage to stand and she deploys Scythe Machina. Charles tells her to stop and flee while they are devouring her. Charles' left arm is then eaten. Charles maintains a teary-eyed brave face and asks Arnett to tell Attia Simmons that she's sorry. The other Nova begin to chew at Charles and the petite Pandora begs for her dad to help her.

Arnett launches an Accel and whacks the saurian Nova. She's quickly caught in their Freezing and Charles yells for her to flee. Arnett asserts that she's not going to die and she's also going to save Charles so she can apologize to Attia in person. Arnett charge through their Freezing and pummels the Nova with her scythe. Arnett continues to attack and Charles realizes that she really needs to apologize to the Pandora of West Genetics.

Arnett's weapon finally shatters and her shoulder is caught in the jaws of one of the Nova. Its Freezing prevents her from moving. Arnett thinks about her father and her friends from Team Elizabeth, including Marin Maxwell. Arnett is about to accept death, hoping her father is proud of her. Suddenly, the Nova's head is blown away.

Event NotesEdit

  • Arnett McMillan overcomes Nova Form through sheer willpower.
  • Arnett battles the Nova to save Charles, but she is caught herself until an unknown assailant blows away the Nova's head.


  • Arnett becomes the third Pandora to exit Corrosion-Type Nova Form and survive.

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