"Are those girls standing in front of us...really Pandora like we are!?"

Arnett and Charles confounded by the strength of Satellizer and Rana.

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Overwhelming Power
Volume 19, Chapter 131
Chapter 131 Cover
Translation Overwhelming Power
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Overwhelming Power is the one-hundred thirty-first chapter of the Freezing series, fifth chapter of Volume 19 and fifteenth chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Satellizer and Rana defeat three Humanoid Nova easily with their transcended might and Kazuya, saving Arnett and Charles Bonaparte. Charles alerts them of Roxanne Elipton's desperate situation.


Arnett McMillan, who was caught in the clutches of a saurian Nova is saved by an unknown assailant, who bashes the Nova head. The assailant is revealed to be Rana Linchen, accompanied by Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi. Rana properly greets her upperclassman before quickly engages one of Arnett's attackers. Charles warns Rana to stay back, but the Tibetan Pandora is able to dodge an attack from the Nova. Rana then clutches her fist, which blows a hole through the Nova.

Arnett is astonished by such power while Charles is distracted by the wings on Rana's back. The Nova who attacked Arnett earlier rushes in toward Rana. Rana again taps into the powers of her Void Fang. She deals a uppercut, which knocking the beast off it feet. With another straightforward punch, Rana knocks back her attacker. Rana then activates the Tempest Turn and her copies bombard the beast with a series of punches. The real Rana deals the final attack, destroying the Nova.

The Nova who held Charles in its mouth loses interest in the French Pandora and drops her. It performs an Accel to get close to Rana and it grabs her arms, while emitting its Freezing field. Satellizer just tears through the Nova's head with a single slash from her sword. At Satellizer's kind request, Kazuya generates a massive Freezing that frees Charles, Arnett, and Rana while freezing the Nova. After toying with the headless creature, Rana deals t a mighty punch before she flings it into the air, a present for Satellizer. Satellizer performs an Accel with her transcendent abilities, and the new force behind her attack allows her to obliterate the entire Nova with a single burst of speed. She gracefully lands while Charles and Arnett are left without words.

Satellizer immediately turns to the wounded third-years, but Charles tells them that Roxanne is battling the Nova alone.

Event NotesEdit

  • Satellizer, Rana, and Kazuya save Arnett and Charles from the Nova.
  • Rana and Satellizer demonstrate their new transcendent abilities.

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