"I'll fight until my last breath to protect my comrades!"

Ticy's determination to continue fighting.

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Volume 19, Chapter 133
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Trust is the one-hundred and thirty-third chapter of the Freezing series, final chapter of Volume 19 and seventeenth chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Ticy and Elizabeth begin to fight the saurian Nova together with backup from André, but they are completely overwhelmed. When the ghost of Chiffon tries to scare Ticy into running away, she refuses and Chiffon reveals that she was not truly an illusion. She apologizes to Ticy for teasing her and gifts her the power of transcendence.


Ticy Phenyl emerges from despair and rises to fight again. She bashes the saurian Nova with her Volt Weapon, and Chiffon's ribbon Ticy's kept in her hair trickles to the ground.

Ticy invites Elizabeth to attack together, and the "Academy Reigning Enforcer" bombards the Nova with more lasers. Ticy teleports behind the Nova and attacks, but she large sword breaks not even scratching its target. Ticy regroups. She reforges it weapon, making it more robust and dense. She bashes the Nova again, but the Nova only treats it like a slap. The Nova strikes Ticy's head and knocks her to the ground.

Elizabeth keeps firing beams and Andre tries his Freezing which fails. The Nova performs another Accel to get behind the pair, but Elizabeth quickly converts her weapon into a shield. However, Elizabeth's shield is shattered and the Nova's assault continues.

Ticy struggles to her feet, her body feeling its on fire. She summons her Volt Weapon once more, promising to fight until the end. The ghost of Chiffon Fairchild challenges Ticy to run away for her life, but Ticy finally tells the ghost to shut up because she will keep fighting. The illusion smiles. The illusion reminds Ticy that she's strong and now she does her anymore. Ticy realizes the ghost before is not actually an illusion but the spirit of her best friend. Chiffon apologizes to Ticy for teasing her but gives her the power to protect her friends. Ticy Phenyl achieves transcendence, as wings of light sprout from her back.

Elizabeth fends against the Nova alone with an enhanced barrier, which eventually shatters. Elizabeth struggles in close combat but has to distract the Nova to keep it away from the girl Ticy was carrying. Still keeping her defenses, Elizabeth tells Andre they must hold out until Ticy gets up because she is Genetics' strongest Pandora, who will defeat these Nova. At that moment, Ticy obliterates the Nova's head at an astounding speed and wings of light emanating from her back.

Ticy lands and twirls with her large Volt Weapon, destroying the beast completely. Elizabeth repeats that Ticy is Genetics' strongest Pandora.

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  • Chiffon Fairchild's illusion is revealed to be real; she returns to the lights.
  • Ticy Phenyl achieves transcendence and destroys a Nova with her new power.

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